The 7 Best Camping Tents With AC Ports: Cool Camp Comfort

The Best Tent With AC Ports

One of the biggest camping challenges is escaping the brutal summer heat. But if you have the right gear, that’s becoming easier to change. With a portable air conditioner and one of the best camping tents with AC ports, you can be well on your way to cooling off at your campsite.

This list is packed with the top ways to use a tent with air conditioners. It includes premium options that feature incredible insulation and ideal AC vents, as well as more budget-friendly tents that still work with all sorts of air conditioning units.

Are you ready to start enjoying cold air while camping in your tent with an air conditioner?

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The 7 Best Camping Tents With AC Ports

Best for Large ACsBushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent With Air Conditioner SlotLarge mesh ventilation screens made for window AC unitsSpacious and lightweight, three interior rooms, unbeatable AC tent price$ – $$
(three sizes, 6/9/12 person)
Check Prices
Most InsulatedCrua Combo Due + Culla Temperature-Regulating Camping Tent With AC VentsTwo mesh side vents best for portable AC unitsDual-layer tent system, sleeping-bag-like insulation, compact and lightweight$$$
(two sizes, 2 or 3 person)
Check Prices
Best Budget for Large ACsOzark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent With AC PortLarge mesh ventilation screens made for window AC unitsThree-room spacious tent, outdoor shaded area, affordable price, lightweight construction$
(12 person)
Check Price
Most LuxuriousTeton Sports Sierra Canvas Waterproof Bell TentMultiple mesh floor vents or install stove jack for portable AC ventBeautiful tent with premium construction, robust overall design, excellent ventilation, customizable thick canvas$$$ – $$$$
(two sizes 16’ or 20’ diameter, ~5-8 people)
Check Price
Best With E-PortWhite Duck Prota 4-Season Waterproof Canvas Cabin TentUse mesh doors or install stove jack through canvas for portable ACStrong metal frame, tall tent, front awning, full-size doors and windows, customizable canvas$$$ – $$$$
(three sizes, 4/6/8 people)
Check Price
Best BushcraftOneTigris Rock Fortress Tent With Stove Jack Bushcraft ShelterUse existing stove jack vent for portable ACAffordable, spacious bushcraft shelter, strong construction, existing vent for AC hose$
(6 person)
Check Price

You can also find a great list of tents on our post covering the Best Burning Man Tents.

Bushnell tent with window AC ports

Best for Large ACs: Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent With Air Conditioner Slot

If you’re looking for a camping tent with a large air conditioner slot, the Bushnell Shield Series is the top choice. It’s a spacious cabin-like tent that has one of the biggest vents for air conditioners you can find.

Check the price for the Bushnell Shield Series Tent With Air Conditioner Slot.

Full-Size Air Conditioner Port With Cover

Bushnell doesn’t go with a little opening for air conditioners. It features a massive 12.5″ x 17″ mesh AC vent. And it has a 17″ cover to cover the AC unit yet still maintains adequate airflow.

This size vent allows you to bring a window-mounted air conditioner camping. Of course, you’ll need quite a bit of electricity, so this combination is best used at campgrounds with outlets, giant power stations, or a generator.

No matter how you do it, this Bushnell Instant Cabin Tent with AC flap will let you stay cold while in the summer heat.

The outside window AC vent on the Bushnell tent

Versatile Pop-Up Tent With Room for Up to 12 People

The Bushnell Shield Series Tent is available in three sizes: 6-person, 9-person, and 12-person. Each one uses a built-in structure system that instantly pops up, taking almost no time at all to get in place or take down before heading home.

The large options have interior room dividers for increased privacy and that can help keep cold air in one section. The 12-person tent has two dividers, creating three interior rooms.

The outer rainfly covering is made with heat-reflective and UV-blocking coatings to keep out the sun’s heat. Crank on the AC and keep out the sun. Perfect for enjoying those brutal summer days.

We also love that Bushnell is very experienced in the outdoor recreation world. It creates a lot of tents, camping gear, and other useful products. And it stands behind them with an amazing Lifetime “Ironclad” Warranty. If you have a problem, you can be sure Bushnell will help you out.

Bushnell Tents: Room for Improvement

There’s nothing wrong with this tent. If it meets your needs, then it is a great purchase that will last many years creating memories while camping with an air conditioner.

It is ideal if you have a strong 110V/240V AC outlet and a high-powered air conditioner to use this expansive camping AC vent opening. Then you don’t have to worry much about the lack of insulation or the fact that it’s a large tent that will take a lot to cool down.

But if you have a smaller portable air conditioner that relies on hoses, we strongly encourage you to check out the insulated options.

Check the price for the Bushnell Shield Series Tent With AC Vent.

The inside of the Bushnell Tent with ac ports

Bushnell Shield Series Tent: Technical Details

Type of Ports:12.5″ x 17″ mesh vent ideal for window AC units
Sleeping Capacity:6, 9, or 12-person
Insulation Level:Minimal 150D Polyester
Price Range:$ – $$
Waterproof:Mediocre IPX4 rating
Dimensions:Up to 11’ x 18’
Doors/Windows:Up to 1 door, 7 windows
Features:Instant pop-up, three interior rooms, separate rainfly, fine mesh screens, outstanding warranty

Head over to the Amazon listing to see more details about the Bushnell Shield Series Tent.

The Crua Combo dual tent structure

Crua Combo Due + Culla: Temperature-Regulating Camping Tent With AC Vents

Crua takes sleep seriously. And their passion shows in all products, but especially this incredible two-layer insulated camping tent with air conditioning ports.

By combining a thick insulation tent with a strong outer shell tent, they’re paving a new way forward. The liner-like tent provides an amazing 9 R-value insulation, while the outer shell is an exceptionally well-designed tent. 

And going through both layers are multiple vents to hook your air conditioner up to.

These insulated tent combos work exceptionally well in both heat and cold, providing a four-season solution that you can easily pair with a portable air conditioner or tent heater. 

Check the price of the Crua Combo Insulated Tent on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

Crua Tents With Air Conditioner Slot

There are multiple vents scattered throughout the Crua tents. You can place your portable air conditioner inside or outside the tent and line up the hoses with one of the vents that works best for your needs. 

The rest of the vents on the sides and roof ensure adequate airflow to pull in fresh air and release overly warm air so your AC doesn’t struggle. It’s a great camping tents with AC capabilities.

While we wish there was an open pass-through hold with a cinching cord. These camping tent AC vents will work very well to let cold air pass through.

The Crua Combo front door with the insulation tent shown inside the outer shell

Double Layer Tent Design

Crua isn’t the only four-season tent on the market, but its double-layer design is unique. And each of the layers can work independently if desired.

The exterior shell, the Crua Duo, is an excellent lightweight backpacking tent. It features breathable polyester that’s rated at an impressive 5,000 mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating, and a nice front vestibule to store shoes and gear out of the elements.

The interior Crua Culla insulated tent features an impressive 1.5oz/sq ft (450g/m2) insulation along with an air-frame structure, making it lightweight and flexible. But it also blocks out the sun and sound, providing a nice little cocoon for excellent shuteye.

Since the insulated tent is designed to be used inside other tents, it’s not waterproof. But otherwise, it still makes a great tent on its own that can be used in clear-weather conditions without the exterior, especially when you want AC for camping.

If you want to use it as a tent with an air conditioner port, you’ll want to use the two Crua units together.

The Crua Difference: Quality Matters

Derek O’Sullivan started Crua in 2015 out of frustration with the lack of climate-regulating tents. The choice between extremely lightweight polyester summer tents or thick canvas winter tents just didn’t provide the balance he envisioned.

And now, Crua has spread to over 100 countries, helping outdoor enthusiasts enjoy a more comfortable experience with better temperature regulation, sound dampening, and light blocking.

They’re also not ashamed to give other tents a boost. By making the insulated tent available separately and with a flexible airframe, it can work with a lot of other manufacturers’ tents, turning them into a possible tent with air conditioner ports. Add warmth, silence, and darkness to the tent already in your garage.

Crua stands behind its products with a solid 2-year warranty on everything it sells.

Check the price of the Crua Combo Insulated Tent.

Crus Combo Technical Specifications

Type of Ports:Multiple vents through both layers ideal for portable air conditioners
Sleeping Capacity:Original 2, Maxx 3, Family 5
Insulation Level:Extreme 9 R-value insulation beyond anything else
Price Range:$$$
Waterproof:Top-tier 5,000mm HH highly-waterproof shell
Dimensions:Up to 6.9’ x 9.5’ (2.1 m x 2.9 m)
Doors/Windows:1 door, small vents
Features:Dual-layer tent with superior heat, sound, and light insulation, extreme waterproofing, lightweight, 2-year warranty

Head over to the Amazon listing for the Crua Combo Insulated Tent. Or see the entire lineup of insulated tents from Crua.

The Ozark Trails Cabin Tent with AC ventilation

Ozark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent With AC Port

As another option that can fit your whole crew and has multiple oversized floor vents for large air conditioners, this Ozark Trail tent hits the mark.

Like most Ozark Trail products, it features an excellent price point for what it offers, without sacrificing quality. Despite beating most other brands on value, I’ve always been amazed at how well my Ozark Trails products hold up.

Check the price for the Ozark Trail Cabin Tent With AC Port.

Spacious Rooms and Multiple AC Vents

Three rooms help take the fuss out of camping in tiny tents. Instead, this giant 16-foot wide tent lets you spread out, bringing your camp kitchen into shade and bug protection. Or it fits a large group of up to 12 people sleeping comfortably.

When the temperatures rise, ventilation is key. This tent has three floor vents that can fit a window air conditioner. So when you’re camping close to a lot of electricity, you can keep everyone nice and cool.

We also love the overhang from the top rainfly. One corner is outside the tent but still tucked under a shaded area. Perfect for keeping your camp chair in and hanging outside the tent.

Pair this air conditioned room with one of the best camping fridges to really step up your game.

The Ozark Trails Cabin with window AC vent ports

Budget Tent With AC Ports Limitations

There’s a lot of positive feedback on this tent, and we have used many Ozark Trails products without an issue.

But there’s always truth to the good ole “You get what you pay for.” And for this budget tent, some people do run into problems.

Whether it’s difficulties with the pop-up systems, the unusual rainfly connections, or the lack of waterproofing, some customers just aren’t satisfied.

Are these complaints enough to steer you away from this tent with AC ports? I don’t quite think so. If you buy it knowing that you need to treat it with care, should test it before using it in the field, and will need to buy additional waterproofing, I think it still makes sense for some people.

But if you want this design but made to a higher standard to withstand the test of time, then you should probably check out the Bushnell Tent With AC Ports instead. 

Check the price for the Ozark Trail Cabin Tent With AC Port.

Ozark Trails Three-Room Instant Tent: Technical Details

Type of Ports:Three large floor vents for air conditioners
Sleeping Capacity:12 people
Insulation Level:Minimal
Price Range:$
Dimensions:16’ x 16’
Doors/Windows:1 door, 7 windows
Features:Three interior rooms, large rainfly with outside shaded area, instant pop-up system, fits three queen-sized air beds

Ready to see if this one’s for you? Head over to the Amazon listing for the Ozark Trails Cabin Tent With AC Vent.

The Teton Bell Tent front door

Most Luxurious: Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Waterproof Bell Tent

The expansive canvas tent with air conditioning ports is one of the best all-around tents you can find. It’s available in two massive sizes, from 16 feet to 20 feet, and features a nice heavy-duty canvas upper with a robust PVC floor. 

Unlike the lighter tents that use polyester sides and instant pop-up systems, this beautiful tent relies on heavy-duty canvas and an amazingly durable structure. The result is a long-lasting tent that looks like it belongs not just in nature, but with nature.

While I’m a big fan of the other camping tents with AC ports, this tent is one of my all-time favorites. It’s extremely versatile and can work with AC units or heaters, provides a ton of living space, and is downright incredible.

Check the price of this luxurious Teton Tent.

How To Use This Canvas Tent With AC Ports

The easiest way to use this tent with an air conditioner is by placing a portable AC unit inside or outside of the many ventilation ports along the floor. These are perfect for large portable air conditioners or for quickly connecting smaller portable AC units.

But since this is a thick canvas tent, many people customize them to make a stove jack ventilation outlet for winter use.

You can get this vent kit and follow this same technique to create the perfect air conditioned tent port wherever you want. It easily transforms this into one of the best tents for hot weather too.

This customization is just one of the many benefits of this incredible canvas tent.

The Teton Bell Tent side vent for ACs

Benefits of a Canvas Bell-Shaped Tent

The first thing you’ll notice is just how amazing this tent looks. It’s a true outdoorsman’s dream tent that gets rid of the disruptive plastic looks of many modern tents, and brings the tried-and-true teepee design that humans have been using as long as shelter has been a thing.

You can use it in nearly any weather, any time of year, and with any group.

The thick canvas material is a heavy-duty fabric that provides exceptional waterproofing and insulation, while still maintaining some breathability and airflow. The woven natural fibers paired with the steep shape of the bell tent allow water to flow right off. And the reinforced seams increase durability and water protection.

You’ll not only love this from the outside, but when you step in through the inviting ultra-wide doors, you’ll have an entire world away from home. Create separate sections for cooking, sleeping, and relaxing, all in one comfortable space.

Teton Tents Exceptional Quality and Customer Satisfaction

We are not fans of poorly-built gear. Venturing away from home means putting a lot of faith into the things you bring with you. And when you purchase a Teton Tent, you’re getting a product you know you can trust.

Across the entire range of Teton products, customer satisfaction is off the charts. These aren’t paid-for reviews that only show up on one site, nor are they only limited to one product line. Teton has the Midas touch with outdoor gear.

To prove that, the company offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers any problems you encounter. They also supply replacement parts and have a top-tier customer service team ready to help you out.

Simply put, we have absolute faith in this Teton Canvas Tent With AC Ports and are certain that if you choose it for your adventure, you’ll enjoy the experience.

The Teton Bell Tent power cord entry.

Where This Air-Conditioned Tent Falls Short

While this tent is downright amazing, it comes with some drawbacks. Surprisingly, it does still pack down small, but it doesn’t spring to life like other instant pop-up tents. You’ll likely want to set aside about 20 minutes to set up or break down the Teton Canvas Tent.

And of course, the larger tent you go with, the heavier it will be. Neither version is heavy for how large the tent is, but the 16’ version weighs in at 80 pounds and the massive 20’ Teton tent gets up to 114 pounds.

Overall, that’s nothing to complain about. These are giant, spacious tents with strong, waterproof sides and floors that will last many years. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the models on this list that might weigh a little less.

Check the price of this luxurious Teton Tent.

Teton Canvas Bell-Shaped Tent: Technical Specifications

Type of Ports:Large mesh floor vents and the ability to add ports through thick vinyl
Sleeping Capacity:Up to 12 people
Insulation Level:Respectable insulation with 285 g/m2 cotton canvas
Price Range:$$$ – $$$$
Waterproof:Excellent waterproof canvas
Dimensions:16’ to 20’ diameter
Doors/Windows:1 ultra-wide door, multiple side vents/mesh windows
Features:Superior canvas construction with thick PVC floor, beautiful overall look, long-lasting overall design, incredible company

See more details about this luxurious Teton Tent.

The large White Duck Porta Tent

Best With E-Port: White Duck Prota 4-Season Waterproof Canvas Cabin Tent

To use an air conditioner while tent camping, a high-quality tent makes all the difference. By forgoing the simple lightweight polyester and going with a heavy-duty canvas, you can retain a lot more of the cold air and keep out the heat.

This White Duck Prota Canvas Tent is an excellent option for a group of 4, 6, or 8 people (three sizes available). It comes from a company that doesn’t cut corners and can work perfectly with a small air conditioner.

It’s also a tall tent with a 6’3” interior height, great for having a comfortable tent you can stand up in to get changed.

How Does This Tent Work With An Air Conditioner?

Unlike other tents on this list, the White Duck Canvas Tent is not specifically designed to work with an air conditioner. The unfortunate reality is that very few tents are.

But this tent can work with an air conditioner regardless. It comes with a port for electrical cables, so you can still close the door 100% while getting power inside the tent.

The full-length front door and windows have zip-up canvas covers in front of the mesh screens. You can easily open the canvas cover just enough to stick an AC ventilation hose through, letting the hot exhaust out of the tent while the cold air stays in. You’ll have an air conditioned tent in no time.

Also, since it’s a canvas tent, you can easily modify it like people do for wood-burning stove jack vents. It might be a little scary, but you can get a premade cover kit and follow this technique to quickly and easily create a new AC port in this tent.

The White Duck Prota Canvas Tent with AC Flaps

Other Features of the White Duck Porta Tent

As an outdoor-focused company that makes plenty of robust products, White Duck knows what it takes to make a happy camper.

It starts with sturdy aluminum poles that quickly go up, yet can keep this ultra-tall tent up even in strong winds. A reflective sunblock roof keeps out afternoon heat and annoying morning light from waking you up.

My favorite feature of this tent is the front awning. It provides the perfect place to plop out a camp chair, grab a hot cup of coffee, and sit back to relax. You can have a camping tent with AC and still enjoy the great outdoors.

Premium waterproofing, anti-wick zippers, and protective skirting are some of the other stand-out features.

Plus, White Duck is an excellent company. They do their best to source sustainable products, provide top-tier customer service, and build items to last. White Duck understands that you need to be able to trust your gear and they hit the mark.

See the price for the White Duck Prota Canvas Tent on Amazon. Or buy directly from the manufacturer.

White Duck Prota 4-Season Waterproof Canvas Cabin Tent: Technical Specifications

Type of Ports:Electrical cable port, multiple doors and windows with mesh screens
Sleeping Capacity:4, 6, or 8 people
Insulation Level:Solid insulation with 12 oz. 100% cotton double fill
Price Range:$$$ to $$$$
Waterproof:Canvas fabric coated with strong water repellent
Dimensions:Up to 10’ x 14’
Doors/Windows:1 double door and up to 4 full-length windows
Features:Front awning, secure metal poles, proprietary shock-absorbing guy lines, heavy-duty canvas, excellent all-around construction

Head over to the listing to see more details about the White Duck Prota Canvas Tent on Amazon or buy it directly from White Duck.

The OneTigris Fortress tent with stove jack vent to use for ACs

Best Bushcraft: OneTigris Rock Fortress Tent With Stove Jack Bushcraft Shelter

Some tents go overboard with fancy add-ons, mesh windows, and waterproof floors. This OneTigris throws those out the window with this bushcraft shelter and brings things back to the basics.

The result is an excellent camping shelter. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in simplicity and price.

And for the purposes of this article, it has a built-in ventilation port that you can use with a portable air conditioner. Since this is a four-season tent, the vent is marketed for its use as a stove jack, but it can also double as a ventilation port for your portable air conditioner.

Check the price for the OneTigris Fortress Tent.

Does the Stove Jack Actually Work for AC?

A stove jack is a small opening meant to release the exhaust from a wood-fired stove burner and heater. But it’s just a small circular opening.

If you’re looking for a giant mesh screen to force cold air through, this tent is not it. But if you just need a hole to send your air conditioner’s hot exhaust air through, this is perfect. You can easily bring your AC for camping with this option.

The port is high in the tent, and since hot air rises, it should work perfectly for exhaust from an air conditioner. You might need to place your AC on a table or get an exhaust pipe extension to make sure it reaches.

The One Tigris tent with vent pipe connected

The One Tigris Bushcraft Shelter vs. Normal Tents

You’ll notice that this tent is more like a bell-shaped structure, like a yurt or teepee. This means it can use straight poles to hold up the structure, making them longer-lasting. 

And it means that water is more likely to slide right off, especially since this tent has a 3,000 mm HH waterproof rating, a very respectable figure that can handle heavy downpours.

But one thing it doesn’t have is a floor. Instead, it’s made to use with a raised cot to get you off the ground.

Or you can purchase the half-tent interior. It’s a floor and mesh screen that goes inside and splits the tent into two sections.

If you’re like me and enjoy camping in rattlesnake and scorpion territories, like Baja California Mexico and Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park, I strongly encourage buying the half tent interior to use this tent.

Check the price for the OneTigris Tent Bushcraft Shelter.

OneTigris Rock Fortress Tent: Technical Specifications

Type of Ports:Stove jack to be used for portable AC
Sleeping Capacity:4-6 people
Insulation Level:Medium with nylon fabric
Price Range:$
Waterproof:Amazing 70D nylon with 3,000 mm HH rating (excellent waterproofing)
Dimensions:12.4’ diameter
Doors/Windows:2 full-length doors, no windows
Features:Simple bell-shaped design, Ultra lightweight (<10 lbs), 4-season tent, superb customer feedback

Head over to the Amazon listing to see more details about the OneTigris Tent Bushcraft Shelter.

Camping on a white sand beach near La Paz, Mexico

How To Select Camping Tents With AC Ports

Using an air conditioner while tent camping is not an easy task. First, you have to select the right portable air conditioner, then you need to know how to power it.

But none of that matters if you don’t have one of the best tents with AC ports.

Just like the variety of air conditioners, there is a wide world of tents that you can use with AC units. Some are perfectly designed for an air conditioner, while others you can either use in a way that’s a little outside their design or modify for an air conditioner vent.

You’ll need to make sure the tent’s AC vent can be used with the air conditioner you have. But you want a tent with enough space, the right level of insulation, and of course, meets your budget.

Different Tent AC Ports

Most of the truly portable air conditioners use at least one ventilation hose that’s somewhere around 6” diameter or smaller. But if you are near an electrical outlet at a campground or in your RV, then you might be able to use a larger portable air conditioner, like a household window unit.

You can find tents with air conditioner vents for either of these options.

The Bushnell Shield Series Tent and the Ozark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent have large mesh screens near the ground. These are ideal for window air conditioners. You can place the AC unit on the ground outside the tent and force massive amounts of cold air in.

Other tents offer a variety of mesh screens, small ventilation ports, or stove jack openings that will work well for AC unit ventilation. My favorite of these is the canvas tent stove jacks meant for wood-fired stove exhaust. You can use existing jack vents or customize your tent to add one of your own. That’s the beauty of canvas tents with air conditioning.

Why Do People Go Camping?

Tent Size: More People or Colder Air?

Quite a few of the tents on this list are large. And when you’re using a large AC with basically unlimited power, that’s not a big problem. More space to enjoy the cool air, do your cooking, relaxing, and sleeping in a temperature-controlled space.

But the bigger the tent, the more cold air you need to cool it down.

So when you’re using a smaller portable air conditioner for tent camping, you likely want to get a tent that meets your needs without going overboard. This helps minimize your power needs and will bring down the temperature the fastest.

There are choices in both directions. 

The smaller tents on here all have incredible insulation, making them extremely efficient to bring AC for camping.

Some bigger tents have thick canvas that will hold in the cold air well, while others use a normal polyester tent material that won’t hold it quite as well.

Insulation: Keeping the Cold Air In

For many camping tents, the insulation capabilities are usually minimal. The major exception is for four-season tents, which are insulated so they can be used in winter. 

While super lightweight and breathable materials work well for ventilation in hot weather, they’ll also let any air-conditioned air out. Just as you wouldn’t keep your home windows open with the AC blasting, you’re likely best off using an insulated tent with an air conditioner.

The unfortunate thing is that insulated tents are usually quite expensive. But they’re also some of the highest-quality camping items around, making ideal air conditioned tents.

The sleeping-bag-like Crua Combo is one of the best year-round, well-insulated tents ever created. But you can also use a thick canvas like the Teton Sports Sierra Bell Tent.

If you want insulation, you might want to avoid polyester tents with lots of windows and vents. They’re going to be lightweight, but far too breathable.

Insulated tents can also be great in cold weather. Add a battery powered heater for camping to create even more cold weather camping comfort.

Budget: Letting It All Hang Out

Adding cold air to outdoor adventures can be a little costly. But when it helps you explore away from crowds and in more comfort, the money spent can be well worth it. After all, in comparison to hotel stays, airfare, and seeking out ideal vacation temperatures, it’s quite the steal.

If you want to go cheap, small canvas tents, like the OneTigris Rock Fortress, are great solutions. You can add a stove jack vent and be on your way.

While a lot of the other options are a little pricey, including many that approach $1,000 and a couple that go over, it can be a major investment. Yet you’re not just getting the usual tent when you buy these structures.

Most of these are full-on outdoor rooms. You’ll have them around for camping, events, and all sorts of other uses. They can handle extreme temperatures, wind, and rain better than most of the best camp canopies. And many of them are like the incredible Clam Shade Portable Gazebos on steroids. 

A forest service road leading to our campsite north of Manitou Springs
A view from the highest point in the park, fire lookout tower

Wrap-Up: The Best Tents With AC Ports

There’s no shortage of tents with AC ports. The most budget-friendly is the Bushnell Shield Series Tent, great for use with window AC units.

If you’re still searching for the right unit, check out our post on the best camping air conditioners. And don’t forget that you’ll need to know how to power a portable air conditioner.

With these few camping items, you’ll be able to beat the heat and enjoy adventures any time of year.

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