9 Battery Powered Heaters for Camping: Comfort in the Bitter Cold

Battery powered heaters for camping

Camping in cold weather can be great. But being cold is never fun. Even with the right cold weather gear, sometimes a camping heater makes everything better. If you don’t want to use propane or light a fire, battery powered heaters for camping might do the trick.

And despite the challenges of using batteries for heat, there are options. Some require a separate battery pack and others use built-in rechargeable battery packs.

I’m a seasoned camper with a passion for sharing the best adventure products. While heating from electricity is a tough target to hit, I’ve figured out the options and am here to show you a wide world of battery powered camping heaters for every budget.

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Best Overall
The Lasko Mini Heater can use a battery
Lasko MyHeat Mini Heater
  • Uses very little electricity (200W)
  • Small and portable
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    Best Battery Powered Camping Heaters

    The best battery powered camping heaters balance electricity needs with warmth. Let’s go over the ways that you can use rechargeable portable heaters for camping, including:

    1. TOP CHOICE: Small space heaters with a portable power supply
    2. BEST FOR SLEEPING: Portable heated blankets and heated sleeping bag liners
    3. COLD HANDS: Personal battery heaters for hands or neck
    4. PROPANE ALTERNATIVE: Lightweight alternatives to the best rechargeable portable heaters

    But let’s start off with a quick overview of the best option from each category.

    The Lasko Mini Heater to use as a battery operated camp heater

    Best Battery Powered Space Heater for Camping

    If you want to provide warmth to a small area like a tent, then a low-watt space heater paired with a portable power supply is the best option. This gets you a battery powered heater for camping that is just about the most heat possible.

    The top pick from this section is the Lasko MyHeat Mini Space Heater. It uses only 200W, comes from a great company, and is affordable.

    Since it doesn’t have a built-in battery, you’ll need to bring your own. The EcoFlow Delta 2 is an amazing portable power station that will ramp up your camping game in many ways and can power this portable camping heater for hours on end.

    The pros to this package are:

    • A battery powered heater that forces out warm air into a small area
    • Many hours of battery-powered heat away ideal for any off-grid application
    • The portable power station can be used for all sorts of devices and even home backup power

    The cons to this camping heating pair are:

    • To avoid excess power needs, the space heater is small and won’t warm large spaces
    • The heater is affordable but the power station is an investment

    Click here to jump down to the full section covering the small space heaters. Information about the portable power stations is immediately after.

    The Antarctica Gear Heated Sleeping Bag Liner for Camping

    Best Portable Heating Device for Sleeping Bag

    If you don’t want to invest in a power station, then a small battery powered heater for camping might do the trick. One of the best ways to stay warm through the night is with the Antarctica Gear Heated Sleeping Bag Liner.

    This portable camping heater has a built-in rechargeable battery pack and provides hours of use inside your sleeping bag. Even in the coldest conditions, this wireless heater will keep you very warm throughout the night.


    • Excellent heating device that can be used inside or outside of your sleeping bag
    • Many hours of use as a camping heater from a built-in battery bank
    • Affordable price tag and compact device that you can bring anywhere


    • Doesn’t provide open-air heating
    • Limited to your one sleeping bag

    Click here to read more about this sleeping bag liner and other heated blankets (plus a heated chair) that are great for camp heaters.

    The Gutimo rechargeable hand warmers and heaters

    Best Personal Battery Heaters for Hands

    Another option for staying warm while camping from a battery operated heater is the Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers. While this compact choice doesn’t warm your entire body, it might be the little bit of heat that you need to stay comfortable.

    You can forget about the single-use hand warmers from the past. These feature a rechargeable battery pack built into each hand warmer. They’re easy to charge and provide many hours of camping heat away from any other power source.


    • Extremely lightweight and portable camp heater
    • Keeps your fingers and hands warm, the places most prone to cold temperatures
    • Excellent price point and incredible reviews


    • Very limited heating that’s only for hands or a very small area

    Click here to read more about heated hand warmers, neck warmers, and hand pouches that all are battery powered heaters for camping.

    The iconic Mr Heater Buddy, the best alternative to a battery operated camping heater

    Best Alternative to Battery Powered Heaters for Camping

    If you’ve realized that battery powered won’t provide the camping heat you need, there’s no shame in reaching for an alternative camp heater. There are many options to choose from.

    Without a doubt, one of the most popular and iconic portable camping heaters is the Mr. Heater Buddy F232000. Connect this to a 5 lbs propane tank and you will have many hours from a wireless heater you can bring to any camping situation.


    • Provides by far the most heat out of nearly any portable camping heater
    • Affordable and compact design
    • Many built-in safety features


    • Uses propane fuel as the source, not battery powered

    To read more about this propane camping heater and other alternative portable camping heaters, click here. You might like to look at wood burning tent stoves too.

    Now let’s dive deep into each of these four different areas of portable battery powered heaters for camping.

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    1. Small Space Heaters and Portable Power Supplies

    Most space heaters are too large to run off of batteries. But there are some low-wattage space heaters that will work for camping. The catch is that you still need to provide a substantial power source.

    Let’s first go over the space heaters, then quickly go over some of the best power stations to power them.

    Best Overall
    The Lasko Mini Heater can use a battery
    Lasko MyHeat Mini Heater
  • Uses very little electricity (200W)
  • Small and portable
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    More Robust
    Amazon Basics 500W Mini Heater
    Amazon Basics Personal Heater
  • 500W heater with some punch
  • Tip-over protection
  • Buy Now
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    Best 12V
    The Xximuim 12V portable heater
    Xximuim Portable 12V Heater
  • Best 12V option
  • Still light and portable
  • Buy Now
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    The features of the Lasko Portable Heater that can run off a rechargeable battery bank

    Lasko MyHeat Personal Mini Space Heater

    When it comes to battery powered space heaters for camping, this Lasko MyHeat Mini Space Heater takes the top spot, without question. It is an excellent space heater with an impeccable reputation. 

    And since it’s very low wattage, you can bring enough battery to use it for hours while camping. It’s rated at just 200W, which is a fraction of most space heaters.

    The downside is that it doesn’t come with batteries included. It has a 6-foot long cord you can connect to any AC outlet (110V). It’s also a small personal heater that won’t heat up a large area.

    Keep reading for my detailed analysis. Or check out the listing for the Lasko MyHeat Mini Space Heater to buy it today.

    Features of the Lasko Portable Space Heater

    As one of the best camping heaters, this device is perfectly portable and compact. It weighs less than 3 pounds and is just 6” high with a 4” x 4” base. You can easily tuck this in your cold-weather camping gear without a fuss.

    Safety is always important with space heaters. As a professional company that’s dedicated to portable air devices, Lasko understands how to meet this demand. 

    Each of the MyHeat Personal Mini Space Heaters comes with:

    • Overheat protection: Making sure the device doesn’t burn itself out
    • Self-regulating ceramic element: Ideal way to spread heat across the heater
    • Cool-touch housing: Don’t worry about burns if you get too close

    I also am a big fan of the simple design that is controlled by a single switch. You won’t need to memorize a complicated owners manual. Plus, this means there are fewer parts that can fail. Simplicity often equals longevity.

    The simple controls for the Lasko Portable Heater

    Lasko Company Reputation and MyHeat Customer Reviews

    You can find other low-watt space heaters that are suitable for camping, but you won’t find one that comes from a better company or with more satisfied customers. When you throw in the rock-bottom price, you really don’t need to look anywhere else.

    Lasko is a US-based company that was founded in 1906. That’s over 100 years of expertise. And they stick to what they know best by creating almost exclusively portable fans and ceramic heaters. This company doesn’t make anything and everything.

    Want to see how that plays out? Check out the reviews for this amazing space heater. In fact, you can go over the reviews for nearly any Lasko device and find the same thing. Downright impeccable customer satisfaction.

    I’m talking about tens of thousands of 4 or 5-star reviews on multiple products, including this exact one. I’ve carefully inspected them to see if they appear to be bought or paid for reviews, and they pass all the tests. This company is the real deal of making people happy.

    Beyond that, the warranty is also amazing. If anything goes wrong, it’s backed by a 3 year limited warranty. Lasko has the ability to faithfully make sure any one of their products is in it for the long haul.

    Specifications: Lasko MyHeat Space Heater

    Head over to the Lasko MyHeat Mini Space Heater and use batteries to take it camping on your next trip. Once you get this and a portable power station, you’ll be set.

    Here are the details you need to use this space heater on batteries while camping:

    ModelMyHeat Mini Space Heater
    BTUs682 BTUs
    Size6” x 4” x 4”
    Weight2.8 lbs
    Warranty3 year limited
    Safety FeaturesOverheat protection, cool-touch face, self-regulating ceramic element
    Best Overall
    The Lasko Mini Heater can use a battery
    Lasko MyHeat Mini Heater
  • Uses very little electricity (200W)
  • Small and portable
  • Buy Now
    The Amazon Basics portable space heater that you can run off a battery while camping

    Amazon Basics 500-Watt Personal Mini Heater

    Another option for something that you could use as a battery powered camping heater is the Amazon Basics Mini Heater. It’s another one that’s fairly low powered and has been tested by thousands of people to wide acclaim. Oh yeah, it’s also amazingly cheap.

    This has a maximum wattage of 500W. This is lower than most other options, making it something you can run while camping off of batteries. But it is more powerful than the Lasko Space Heater, which means more heat but also more battery energy.

    Another major benefit of this heater is that it has a tip-over switch. If it gets knocked over, it will automatically shut off. This can be a lifesaver while camping.

    But with over 30,000 positive reviews, an attractive price, and a low-watt rating, this Amazon Basics Personal Mini Heater could be one of the best camping heaters to run off batteries there is.

    What’s To Like About the Amazon Basics Portable Heater

    The design of this portable electric heater is excellent. It’s the same height as the Lasko at 6”, but this one is a bit thinner and longer, with a base that’s about 6” x 3.5”. This is an incredibly light option too, at just 1.4 lbs. 

    The tip-over safety feature of this portable electric heater is a major plus. Space heaters can be dangerous since they’re pulling so much energy. If one falls over and doesn’t shut off, it could spell serious disaster. This one should shut off if it falls over. But you’ll still want to be careful using it.

    Like most Amazon Basics products, you can expect this to be one of the most competitive prices around. And they’re usually reliable products made for high-volume sales. 

    Amazon puts these products through the ringer and provides a fairly robust design. Since they sell so many of these products, they don’t want to see a high failure rate. This has amazingly positive reviews, so I’d say they’ve hit the mark.

    A close-up shot of the heating element inside the Amazon Basics low-watt camping space heater

    Downsides to This Portable Heater for Camping

    When it comes to battery powered space heaters for camping, this device may be a good fit. But that’s only if you have a 110V outlet and a good amount of battery to support it. Since it’s rated at 500W, this can eat through some serious watt-hours if left on.

    If you want the best 12V car heater to use for camping, this one isn’t it. It only runs on 110V, which means you need a regular 110V outlet, like many campgrounds and homes have. But to run this on an off-grid solar system, you’ll have to convert your 12V/24V/48V setup to 110V through a power inverter.

    This isn’t a problem if you have an inverter. It also works if you get a portable power station that has an inverter inside of it (most do). But it does cause a little inefficiency, which means excess power loss, that wouldn’t exist if you have 12V directly. 

    And even though this does have a connection to the power station, it’s still basically a wireless heater you can bring anywhere.

    If you want a 12V heater that you can use as a great battery powered camping heater, stay tuned for the next option.

    Specifications: Amazon Basics Low-Watt Mini Heater

    Check out the Amazon Basics 500W Mini Heater for camping to see if it works for your needs. Don’t forget that you’ll need to bring your own battery or power supply.

    Here are the details to consider when using this as a battery powered camping heater.

    BrandAmazon Basics
    Model500-Watt Ceramic Personal Mini Heater
    BTUs1,706 BTUs
    Size6” x 5.8” x 3.4”
    Weight1.43 lbs
    WarrantyAmazon Warranty
    Safety FeaturesTip-over protection
    More Robust
    Amazon Basics 500W Mini Heater
    Amazon Basics Personal Heater
  • 500W heater with some punch
  • Tip-over protection
  • Buy Now
    A powerful 12V car heater that you can use while camping with a portable power station

    Xximuim Portable 12V Car Heater

    Since most off-grid campers use DC power, finding the best 12V car heater to use for a battery powered camping heater might be perfect. This Xximuim Portable 12V Car Heater can be an easy way to get exactly what you need.

    Even though this is design for in-car use, you can connect this to any 12V power supply through the included cigarette lighter connector. Or snip off the included end and attach any 12V battery powered source you want. You can use this with most portable power stations or solar generators with the included connector or change it to fit any 12V system you desire.

    By using a 12V DC input, you don’t have to flip on an inverter to get it to 110V, saving any inefficiency from the inverter.

    Head over to the Xximuim Portable 12V Car Heater listing to get ready for camping in cold weather.

    How Does This 12V Heater Use Batteries

    Usually, this 12V car heater is connected to a running vehicle. By using the vehicle’s electrical supply while running, it won’t drain the battery. But if you shut off the vehicle, it will start to use the vehicle battery.

    Since this portable battery powered heater is rated at just 200W, it uses as little energy as possible for a small heater. It’s in the exact same range as the Lasko Space Heater. But this one uses a 12V cigarette lighter and the Lasko uses a 110V outlet.

    While you can run this off of your vehicle’s battery, it’s much better to have a dedicated power source.

    You could add a second battery to your vehicle. This battery isolator kit makes it fairly simple, but you’ll still have to put in a little work and it’s always stuck in your car.

    A much easier solution is to get a portable power station or solar generator. You can run this heater off this unit. 

    And if you want more heating time while camping, connect solar panels to charge your portable battery pack. Since this DC heater is just 200W, a small set of solar panels will provide the boost you need. 

    The Xximuim 12V portable heater that can use any solar generator as a battery pack

    Good and Bad About the Xximuim 12V Car Heater

    This battery operated heater has a lot going for it. The 12V design is very helpful, but it’s also a sleek little device that rotates 360 degrees and tilts 60 degrees up and down. You can point this wherever you want the heat to go, unlike the other small space heaters that just sit flat.

    It has a handful of positive reviews, but it does come from an unknown company and there are some negative reviews too. The issue is that a 12V car heater is quite rare. Most people either use the car’s built-in heater, or go with a different camping heater like a wood tent stove or propane heater for camping.

    But if you have your expectations correct, understand that this is a low-powered heater and test it thoroughly before using it, I think you’ll be in decent shape. It’s affordable enough that the risk of buying from a relatively unknown company isn’t too bad.

    Another very big positive about this portable heater to run off batteries are the safety features. Unlike other 12V car heaters on the market, this one comes with a built-in fuse, automatic power-off protection, and anti-voltage feature.

    You probably do want to get something to mount this on. A nice flat surface that you can set on a table would be ideal.

    Specifications: Xximuim Portable 12V Heater

    Get your Xximuim Portable 12V Car Heater for camping today. Just remember that you need to be careful about using it on your vehicle when it’s not running.

    Here are the details to know how to use this as a battery powered camping heater.

    ModelPortable 12V Car Heater
    BTUs682 BTUs
    Size5.9” x 5” x 3”
    Weight0.8 lbs
    Safety FeaturesBuilt-in fuse, automatic power-off protection, and anti-voltage
    Best 12V
    The Xximuim 12V portable heater
    Xximuim Portable 12V Heater
  • Best 12V option
  • Still light and portable
  • Buy Now
    The Rockpals 100W solar panel being used by Off Path Travels during our Colorado overlanding

    Portable Power Supply for Camping Heater

    All of the above devices rely on an external power source. If you don’t like campgrounds with outlets, having a portable power station or solar generator opens up a world of camping electrical possibilities. This turn any small heater into a battery operated space heater.

    You can:

    • Power a portable space heater from batteries on either 110V or 12V
    • Charge or power any small electronic device like phones, cameras, and lights
    • Connect a small portable solar panel to charge the battery while off-grid

    This article doesn’t focus on these, but I’m intimately familiar with these portable power supplies. I have used many and have built my own off-grid solar system. I regularly help others figure out what they need too, including to power things like the best camping air conditioners.

    The brands I trust the most are Jackery, Bluetti, and EcoFlow. Here’s a brief rundown of the best solar generators and portable power stations at three different price levels.

    Shopping for these can be confusing, so here are two details to understand:

    1. Watt-hours: This is the battery storage, which is related to how LONG you can run any device. A 500Wh battery can charge a phone about 100 times. Or it can power a 500W device for one hour. This is the rating for the energy stored in the battery.
    2. Watts: This is the POWER for the built-in 110V AC inverter, the common household plug. The higher the number, the more powerful of a device you can connect. The inverter must be rated for the most powerful device you want to use on the power station. A phone chargers pulls about 20W, while a small space heater does 200W/500W.
    The EcoFlow Delta 2 Power Station, one of the best on the market

    EcoFlow Portable Power Station DELTA 2

    The price tag makes this bad boy a tough pill to swallow. But have no doubt about it, you are getting a truly amazing power station that will not only provide many hours of portable heating, it can double as a household energy backup too.

    It’s one of the best options to have in your camping gear if you want to get a battery powered camping heater. The lower priced units will only provide a very short time of heat.

    EcoFlow is now rated as one of the best camping electronics companies in the world. Nearly every single one of its products receive extremely high customer satisfaction. And they are true experts in the portable power station and solar generator field.

    With more than 1,000Wh battery capacity, this can keep a 200W portable camping heater going for around five hours on full blast. That is about as good as it gets for camping with a battery operated heater.

    What’s truly amazing is that this can handle some serious solar panels too, with the ability to fully recharge in just 3 hours with the right panels. If you want off-grid battery powered heat during the day or just to recharge each day to use the battery at night, get a wide solar panel array to keep it going.

    I recommend at least 200W or solar panels. You can get the EcoFlow Delta 2 with 200W panels as a kit. Over the course of a full day in the sun, this will get pretty close to fully replenishing the 1,000Wh battery.

    Head over to the EcoFlow Portable Power Station DELTA 2 and get one of your new favorite camping gadgets and household tools. You can also buy it directly from EcoFlow here. You will never have to be without power again, no matter where you go.

    If you want to have even more power, the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Solar Generator package has nearly double the battery capacity and 220W panels at a price that can’t be beat for what’s included.

    The Bluetti Solar Generator to use for any portable camping heater

    Bluetti Portable Power Station EB55 537Wh

    If you want an excellent balance between price and capability, this Bluetti 537Wh Portable Power Station is incredible. This brand has established itself as one of the best in the industry, providing an amazing product at the right price.

    What I like about this one for battery powered camping heaters is that it is relatively affordable and will power a 200W heater for over two hours on full blast. And if you want to increase the usage time, you can use it during sunlight with a small solar panel.

    It also has a 700W inverter, which means it can easily run a 500W portable heater. But since the battery capacity is only 537Wh, it will only last about an hour on full blast. That’s just the reality of portable power stations supplying power for electric heat while camping.

    Nonetheless, I truly think this is a good fit for anyone that wants to get an incredible power station that will work for many electronic devices, including battery operated camping heaters.

    Head over to the Bluetti Portable Power Station EB55 537Wh listing to see more details. A 100W or 200W solar panel array would be very helpful.

    The Jackery 300W Solar Generator and Portable Power Station

    Jackery Portable Power Station Generator 300Wh 

    One of the best values on the market for a reliable, high-quality power station is this Jackery 300Wh unit. It is an amazing value from a highly respected brand. 

    But this is an entry-level affordable model which is great for most small electronics, but rather limited when it comes to portable battery powered heaters.

    The battery has a 300Wh battery capacity. So this will only provide around an hour and a half of heat on a 200W portable camping electric heater. That stings a little. But that’s the reality of any power station in this low price range.

    But you can increase the time dramatically with some affordable solar panels. If you get this Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel, that will cover nearly half of a 200W heater’s energy needs. You won’t be able to get 100W exactly, but it will still extend it greatly. 

    Check out the Jackery Portable Power Station Generator 300Wh and step up your camping comfort for all sorts of electronics, plus a little camping heat.

    Campfire in Colorado

    2. Heated Sleeping Bag Liners and Heated Blankets

    If you’re concerned about being cold while in your sleeping bag or anywhere you bring a blanket, there are some battery powered camping heaters that will provide the warmth you need.

    You can choose from these rechargeable heaters:

    • A battery operated heated sleeping bag liner
    • Heated blanket with built-in power bank
    • Other heated camping gear, such as a heated chair

    Both of these options provide some nice heat while camping, all without breaking the bank. And they include a small rechargeable battery pack. You can chill outside wrapped in a warm blanket or make sure the sleeping bag is toasty regardless of how cold the ambient air temperatures get.

    The Antarctica Gear Heated Sleeping Bag Liner for Camping

    Antarctica Gear Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

    If you need warmth while sleeping, this is my favorite option on this entire list of battery powered heaters for camping. It provides up to 8 full hours of warmth all throughout your body, all from an affordable and compact device with its own battery.

    This heated sleeping bag liner for camping has:

    • Three heating levels and five heating areas
    • 16,000mAh battery providing up to 8 hours of warmth
    • Soft machine washable sleeping bag liner that doubles as a blanket

    Check out the Antarctica Gear Heated Sleeping Bag Liner for camping right now.

    Camping Sleeping Bag Liner With a Built-In Battery

    Getting one of the best battery powered heaters for camping means finding something that has the right balance of heat to energy consumption. And this one hits the mark perfectly.

    The small battery that comes with this heated camping unit is 16,000mAh at 12V. This is equal to about 192Wh. And while that would only power a mini space heater for about an hour at most, the way this sleeping bag liner works changes everything.

    It allows this cordless battery powered heater for camping to provide up to 8 hours of warmth. That’s on the low setting, which is likely plenty to avoid chilliness throughout the night. But if you crank up the heat to high, you still get about 3.5 hours of use.

    Even better, you can use this mini battery power bank to charge USB devices with both conventional USB-A and more modern USB-C ports. 

    It’s also a great size to recharge quickly with a solar generator and some solar panels. Just two hours on a 100W panel can refill this to well over 80%.

    If you want a great way to stay warm while truck bed camping, this is a top choice.

    The specifications of the Antarctica Gear Battery Powered Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

    What’s Different About Antarctica Gear Camping Heaters

    Verifying that a product is reliable and will last through camping use and abuse is crucial to every product I recommend and buy. This portable sleeping pad for camping comes from a company with an extensive lineup of battery powered heated outdoor gear.

    At the moment, every single one of the reviews is 5 stars for this heated sleeping bag liner. Every single one. And across Antarctica Gear’s entire lineup, I’ve seen thousands of positive reviews that seriously outweigh the critical feedback.

    Simply put, this brand knows what they’re doing when it comes to camping heating products that use a battery.

    An alternative product is a sleeping bag with a built-in heater. But those comes with quite a few downsides:

    • More expensive
    • Can’t remove them from the sleeping bag 
    • Hard to find high-quality heated sleeping bags

    That’s why this heated sleeping bag liner is a better bet than an actual heated sleeping bag.

    Specifications: Antarctica Gear Heated Liner for Camping

    Are you ready to get the best night of sleep you’ve ever had under the stars? Head over to the Antarctica Gear Heated Sleeping Bag Liner page and get ready for your next cold weather camping adventure.

    Here are all the details:

    BrandAntarctica Gear 
    ModelHeated Sleeping Bag Liner
    BTUs~655 BTUs
    Size6.5’ x 3’
    Weight2.99 lbs
    Warranty2 year limited
    FeaturesUp to 8 hours of heat, battery pack has two USB ports, smart battery has built-in protection against over/under charging, fire resistant construction
    The KSFJZF Heated Blanket with rechargeable battery pack

    KSFJZF Heated Blanket with Power Bank

    Another great option for a camping heater is the KSFJZF Heated Blanket with Power Bank. Unlike your grandma’s heated blanket, which is great for home use, this one is built for adventure thanks to the built-in battery pack. It’s a rechargeable battery operated portable heater for camping!

    This option is ideal for those who want to wrap up while hanging out anywhere. It will work great anywhere at the campsite, whether you want it across your lap while eating dinner, or inside your sleeping bag in the tent. 

    But you can also use it at home, sports events, park outings, and anywhere else you want some extra heat.

    Check out the KSFJZF Heated Blanket with Power Bank listing to get yours today.

    Why This Heated Blanket Is Perfect for Camping

    There are quite a few heated blankets to choose from, but this one has an excellent balance of portability, energy consumption, and battery powered heat for camping. It’s not too power-hungry that it will be annoying to keep charged, yet it’s powerful enough to provide some true warmth.

    This has a 16,000mAh power bank at 7.4V, which is equal to about 118Wh. On the highest setting at 149 F, which will basically scorch you if left on for too long, it will run for 3 hours. On the lowest setting at 113 F, perfect for most situations, it will provide battery-powered heat for up to 7 hours.

    Another reason this is ideal for camping is that it’s machine washable

    We all know how quickly camping adventures turn to a mess. And you don’t have to worry about getting this dirty. Just toss it in the wash when you get home, right with the rest of your gear. For a rechargeable heater, this is a major benefit that many don’t offer.

    The features of the KSFJZF battery operated heated blanket

    Features and Characteristics of the KSFJZF Portable Heated Blanket

    One of the first things you notice when you take this out of the box is how amazingly soft it is. This heated blanket feels like a cloud. You’re never going to want to stop touching it.

    It also goes above most heated blankets by having eight different heating areas. No matter which part of the blanket you have touching you, it is sure to be the exact temperature you want. 

    The external battery pack that comes with it can also double as a portable power bank, ready to charge any small device through its USB ports. It offers USB-A and USB-C ports. And since it runs at 3 amps, that’s a great amount of charging power that will quickly up your phone or other device.

    Many battery powered heated blankets simply don’t get that great of reviews. But this one from KSFJZF is different. Sure, the brand name is a complete mouthful that we’ll never know how to say aloud, but check out the feedback to see many happy campers.

    This also hits an excellent price point. Considering that this combines a blanket, power bank, and heated elements all into one slick heating device for camping, it is a great deal. You can also use the blanket without the heat on or take the battery pack wherever you need the juice. 

    I recommend bringing both on any adventure, camping, air travel, or local staycations.

    Specifications: KSFJZF Heated Blanket with Power Bank

    Are you starting to imagine yourself sitting at the campsite with this glowing warmth wrapped around you? Don’t hesitate, get this KSFJZF Heated Blanket with Power Bank right away so you’re ready to tackle the cold in comfort.

    ModelHeated Blanket with Power Bank
    BTUs~402 BTUs
    Size59″ x 32”
    Weight0.9 lbs
    FeaturesRechargeable battery bank, up to 7 hours of warmth, take-anywhere design and ultra-soft touch
    The Venustas Battery Operated Heated Camping Chair

    Venustas Heated Camping Chair With Battery Pack

    This novel product could play an excellent role in your battery powered camping heater lineup. Rather than deal with a blanket wrapped around you, just use this Venustas Heated Camping Chair to stay warm.

    Complete with a 5,000mAh battery pack, this heated camping chair has a comfortable seat with a removable heating pad. It keeps your back and buns warm whenever you bring the chair. And it lasts up to 10 hours!

    To get your warming chair, check out the Venustas Heated Camping Chair listing on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer

    Is a Heated Chair Worth It?

    You know what’s not a great feeling? Walking around the campsite then sitting down in a cold chair seat. It can suck all of the heat right out.

    But this chair with a battery powered heating element built in gives you a boost of warmth. And when you don’t need it, you can just take off the heated pad to sit in a nicely ventilated chair for warmer days.

    This could work as a great combination to use with a heated sleeping bag liner or blanket. Reserve the battery power for each heated camping item until you need it.

    Plus, this chair is extremely comfortable. You’re getting a great camping chair as the base, which just so happens to have a heating pad. If you go out during warm weather, simply take out the heating pad and you’re still able to go with your favorite seat.

    The compact bag for the Venustas Heated Camping Chair

    Venustas: Pushing Innovation for Heated Gear

    If you’re not familiar with the brand, I urge you to browse around the Venustas website. They are serious about heated jackets, vests, gloves, and more. With a presence in 8 countries, they’ve sold over 300,000 pieces of battery powered heated outdoor gear to at least 10,000 customers.

    This company started after a winter excursion to my home state of Colorado, where the snow-filled adventures are rampant. After dealing with chilly days and gear that just didn’t cut it, the founders knew there had to be a better option. So they created it.

    This brainchild came to life and has been a powerplayer in the heated camping gear industry. Venustas jackets are perhaps the most well-known item, but this company isn’t afraid of leveraging their knowledge and expertise in new directions.

    This heated camping chair is a newer product. As of this writing, the reviews available are rather limited. But you know it’s coming from a solid company that specializes in this sort of gear. And it’s backed with a 1-year warranty for the battery and 2 year warranty for the heating element.

    Specifications: Venustas Heated Camping Chair

    If you’re ready to have a toasty seat that will feel like a warm cocoon, check out the  Venustas Heated Camping Chair

    ModelHeated Camping Chair
    BTUs~126 BTUs
    Size21.5” x 24” seat
    Weight13.1 lbs
    Warranty1 year for battery, 2 years for heating element
    FeaturesUp to 10 hours of warmth, removable heating pad, comfortable camping chair with battery powered heat
    Mountain views

    3. Battery Powered Hand Warmers and Neck Warmers

    No one wants cold hands. And when you’re camping, frigid fingers are simply unbearable. You can’t do anything you need to do without a hassle.

    Even if it’s not your first idea for a battery powered camping heater, a basic rechargeable hand warmer or neck warmer can make a huge difference. Let’s check out some of the best products in this category so you can avoid cold hands.

    The Gutimo rechargeable hand warmers and heaters

    Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers

    Ditch the single-use hand warmers in exchange for these and you’ll have an amazing battery powered camping heater for your hands, pockets, sleeping bag, or other small space. 

    This set of two hand warmers are the best on the market, with tons of features that blow the competition away, such as:

    • Ultra-light construction yet up to 12 hours of heat
    • Simple interface with sleek interlocking design
    • Affordable price and unbeatable reviews

    Check out the Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers and get a pair to keep your fingers warm while camping.

    Design, Construction, and Usage of Camp Hand Heaters

    Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers are a testament to thoughtful design and robust construction. You get two interlocking pieces that you can either use separately, one for each hand or in each glove. 

    Or you can lock them together to get a single device with double-sided heat. This could be great for tossing in your sleeping bag.

    They’re also incredibly compact at about 3.5” x 2”, similar to a very small computer mouse. And super lightweight. In fact, even though these have an amazingly long warming time, they’re one of the lightest around.

    The intuitive single-button operation easily activates warmth and changes the settings to your desired temperature.

    And the incredible 5 year warranty really helps put the last nail in the coffin. These will outlast nearly any other electronic device. 

    The run time for the compact camping heaters for your hands

    Why People Love These Portable Heaters for Your Hands

    I love products that are used by thousands of people. They have shown that they stand the test of time, have what it takes to work for many different needs, and do what they say they will do.

    Gutimo sticks to battery powered hand warmers. And they do them well. With well over 4,000 customer reviews, they have high ratings and amazing stories around every corner.

    Will these keep your entire body warm during freezing nights? No, but that’s not what they’re for. 

    These are compact portable battery powered camping heaters for your hands and fingers. They also work great in the pockets of any jacket or hoodie. If you really want to be creative, you can toss them in other items like your sleeping bag or camping slippers. 

    These are a great, cheap camping heating device that will take the chill out of your hands. They might be a good part of a mixed bag of battery powered heaters for camping, such as a mini space heater, a heated blanket, and these hand warmers. 

    By using all of these together, you can spread out the battery use when needed and stay warm throughout many nights.

    Specifications: Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers

    To keep your fingers and hands warm while camping with a battery powered heater, get the Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers

    ModelRechargeable Hand Warmers
    BTUs~89 BTUs
    Size3.4″ x 1.9” x 1”
    Weight0.24 lbs
    Warranty5 years
    FeaturesUp to 12 hours of warmth, interlocking design, ultralight and compact design
    The Gushout Rechargeable Neck Warmer, a great camping heater

    Gushout Rechargeable Heated Neck Warmer

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from skiing and snowboarding on incredibly frigid days, it’s the warming power of covering your neck. This rechargeable portable heater uses that same idea to provide long-lasting warmth that radiates throughout your entire body.

    The Gushout Rechargeable Heated Neck Warmer is an excellent wireless heater because it:

    • Has a powerful 10,000mAh battery with up to 20 hours of warmth
    • Is a comfortable, lightweight neck warmer designed to be durable
    • Can double as a portable battery pack to recharge other devices

    Yes, you read that right. This little device can provide battery powered heat while camping for up to 20 hours. It’s one of the longest-lasting electric camping heaters you can find.

    To see more details, head over to the Gushout Rechargeable Heated Neck Warmer listing.

    Is a Neck Warmer a Good Idea?

    We all know that fingers and toes can get chilly. And a blanket that wraps all the way around you can provide a cocoon of warmth. But what help would a heated neck warmer do?

    It’s actually an ingenious design. Since the blood flow through your neck is so high, heating that area can help keep your entire body warm. Just like how a home water boiler can be sent to radiators throughout your home, this small device pumps warm blood throughout your entire body.

    On top of that, it’s also hands free and easy to take on and off. Hand warmers, blankets, and chairs can be perfect while you’re not doing much. But when you go camping, it’s likely that you’re going to be getting up and down, trying to take care of things, and generally need to use your body and hands a lot more.

    By slipping this around your neck, you can carry on with your tasks, still use your hands, and bring heat wherever you go.

    My Colorado adventures have proven the usefulness of any neck cover and this will surely help out. You can even plan a winter trip to the wonderful Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado.

    The rechargeable camping heater around your neck

    Gushout Battery Powered Neck Warmer Design

    By using soft silicone and a plush cover, this neck warmer is nice and comfortable. You can wear it for hours each day and move around freely in comfort. It’s rigid enough to stay in place but flexible enough to go along with your day.

    It has a slip-on design with a large gap in front. This helps retain full movement of your head so you can look down to read a book, cook dinner, or deal with anything else. It fits most neck sizes quite well by allowing for a relatively narrow natural design that you can gently stretch out for any neck up to about 25 inches around (8 inches in diameter, a very large neck).

    Perhaps most important is the battery pack for this heater. Gushout goes above and beyond by packing this compact unit with a massive 10,000mAh battery. 

    At its high temperature setting of 131 F, it can run for over 5 hours. And since you’re more likely to use it on medium or low, you can expect more than double that time. It will easily last all night or even multiple nights.

    Specifications: Gushout Rechargeable Battery Powered Heated Neck Warmer

    To get that full-body warmth from a small device, check out the Gushout Rechargeable Heated Neck Warmer today.

    ModelRechargeable Heated Neck Warmer
    SizeFor any neck up to 8” wide or ~25” around
    Weight0.99 lbs
    FeaturesUp to 20 hours of warmth, comfortable neck warmer that creates full-body warmth
    The VansMaGo rechargeable battery powered heater pouch for your hands

    VanSmaGo Rechargeable Portable Heated Hand Warmers Pouch

    Here’s another innovative device to use in your arsenal against the cold while camping. VanSmaGo has created a pouch with a battery powered heater hidden inside. You can bring it wherever you go and simply tuck your hands inside for a warming boost for up to 9 hours.

    Instead of the battery powered hand warmers which don’t really have a place to go if you don’t have pockets, this pouch can be set on your lap and used anywhere. It also provides a neck strap so you can use it while on the go.

    Keep reading for more details, or head over to the VanSmaGo Rechargeable Hand Warmers Pouch listing to get it today.

    Is a Heated Pouch a Good Idea?

    Like many things in life, whether this design works well is something that depends on your situation and needs. If you always have pockets or are wearing gloves that you can stick a portable hand warmer into, then you might not need this pouch.

    But when you don’t have anywhere to put the handheld devices, this pouch does great.

    It’s basically like a sweatshirt front pocket with a battery pack and heating element, all without the sweatshirt itself. You can use any jacket or base layer under it, then either set it on your lap or strap it around your neck. It’s actually a pretty slick design.

    This battery powered camping heater comes with a 10,000mAh battery pack, which VanSmaGo says is good for about 6 to 9 hours, depending on heat setting and ambient temperature.

    The automatic shutoff for this portable camping heater puts safety and energy preservation first

    Will This Portable Heater Keep Me Warm?

    Although this little pack can keep your hands from getting chilly, it’s probably not the best solution if you’re looking for full-body warmth. As far as small electrical heating devices go, the neck warmer or blanket is likely a more suitable idea.

    But this could work well to use alongside of those other devices. Since any battery powered heater doesn’t last that long, having different ones to use at different times can work very well.

    This one is great for those times when you’re hanging out and don’t need to use your hands. You can slip them inside this pouch and let them roast nicely. Then, if the cold starts to spread over your body, reach for your heated blanket or heater camping sleeping bag liner for full-body coverage.

    By using these all together, you can beat the cold and enjoy some of the best battery powered heaters for camping all at once!

    Specifications: VanSmaGo Portable Heated Hand Warmers Pouch

    Get your VanSmaGo Portable Heated Hand Warmers Pouch today so you are ready for your next chilly outdoor adventure.

    ModelPortable Heated Hand Warmers Pouch
    Size12.4” x 7.8” x 2.2”
    Weight1.12 lbs
    Warranty2 year
    FeaturesUp to 9 hours of warmth, pouch with neck strap can go anywhere
    A large juniper tree on its side

    Alternatives to Battery Powered Camping Heaters

    If you’re disappointed by the battery powered heaters for camping, you’re not alone. Using battery energy to provide warmth is a very challenging task. It requires way too much energy for very little payoff, especially when you look at the alternatives to battery powered camping heaters.

    There are a few favorites in the world of portable camping heaters. But there are also some innovative and outside-the-box solutions.

    This section will cover these best camping heaters:

    • Basic alternatives like candles and hot water bottles
    • Portable canned fuel heaters
    • Propane heaters for camping
    • Wood burning tent stoves
    A set of tea lights with a radiator can be an alternative to a battery operated heater for camping

    Staying Warm While Camping: Candles, Hot Water Bottles, Exercise

    These basic heating ideas won’t create an entirely different environment, but they can take the edge off. 

    One of the most simplistic ways to generate heat is through some candles. Even small tea lights with a radiator can generate some warmth. And when burned inside of a small space, they can make a small difference.

    Another top tip for staying warm while camping is by putting hot water inside of a water bottle, then stuffing that inside of your sleeping bag. You could also use the rubber hot water bladders. It’s unlikely to last all night, but it can help keep your toes warm as you fall asleep.

    And if all else fails, getting your blood flowing will help to keep you warm. The trick is to find that right amount of exercise that warms you up yet does not cause you to sweat. A set of jumping jacks, some pushups, or a brief run around the campsite can change serious discomfort into flowing warmth.

    The canned fuel portable camping heater alternative to battery powered

    Canned Fuel Heater: Vesta Self-Powered Camping Heater & Stove

    A much more innovative camping heater is the Vesta Canned Fuel Camping Heater and Stove. It uses small cans of chafing fuel to provide a portable camping heater that doesn’t rely on propane, wood, or batteries. As far as wireless heaters go, this is one of the best.

    The design allows it to provide around 6 hours of substantial heat from 3 small cans of fuel. The bottom sections contains the fuel canisters, while a top section holds the heat and disperses it.

    One of the best parts about this reusable camping heater is the included fan. It needs no electricity and spins entirely off of the heat provided by the canned fuel. This helps spread out the heat through your camping area.

    Another great thing is that this can also double as a camping stove. Just remove the top section and there’s a grill over the canned fuel. Boil water or cook with any pan right on top of it. Then replace the top section to continue using it as a heat source. Or extinguish the canned fuel to reserve it for later.

    To get this canned fuel heater for camping, check out the Vesta Portable Camping Heater and Stove.

    The iconic Mr Heater Buddy, the best alternative to a battery operated camping heater

    Portable Propane Heater: Mr. Heater Buddy

    I’m guessing nearly everyone is on this page because they really want to avoid using propane heaters. And there are many good reasons for that. The small canisters are expensive. Burning propane generates moisture. And it can create toxic fumes.

    But the Mr. Buddy Camping Heater is one of the most popular camping heaters for a good reason.

    It’s an excellent portable heater that can dramatically change the temperature of any space for many hours. They’re built by a reputable company and have extensive safety features to allow for worry-free use.

    To avoid using the small non-refillable propane tanks, get yourself a 1-gallon 5-lbs propane tank for camping. It is incredibly useful for heating, cooking, and even hot water tanks. They’re affordable, have the right adapters, and can be easily refilled.

    And for those worried about moisture buildup or accumulation of toxic gasses, you are justified. But both of these are easily taken care of by a little ventilation. Yes, even though you want to heat an area, you still want some ventilation to the outside world.

    Even with this ventilation, this small propane heater for camping will provide MUCH more heat than any battery powered camping heater can. That’s just the reality of the energy stored in batteries versus the energy stored in propane fuel. 

    So check out the iconic Mr. Heater Buddy F232000 to get your portable camping heater today. And don’t forget your new 5 lbs propane tank.

    The Camp Chef Heavy Duty Tent Stove with a fire inside

    Wood Burning Tent Stoves

    Finally, the classic camping option that you can use inside your tent. The wood burning tent stove. These help keep you warm and toasty through any camping situation, plus they provide a space to cook your food.

    These wireless heaters are ideal for any large canvas tent since you will need to have a tent jack vent opening. If you really want a deluxe glamping option, go with an oversized canvas wall tent. You can create a comfortable living/cooking area plus a suitable sleeping area for multiple people inside one of these. They’re the best winter camping tents around.

    I generally prefer the robust old-school design built from cast iron. They’re nearly indestructible and hold heat for a long time, even if the main fire goes out.

    But you can also find amazingly lightweight options from titanium and stainless steel. They even fold down and pack into a briefcase size for easy transportation.

    Check out this article on the best tent stoves to learn more and find the one that’s right for you/

    The EcoFlow Delta 2 Power Station, one of the best on the market

    How To Use Batteries for Camp Heaters

    Let’s quickly talk about battery electricity and heat. The two don’t go together very well because heat uses a TON of energy. And even though I love camping electronics with solar, the battery storage just doesn’t match fossil fuels when it comes to camping heaters.

    Let’s go over this brief example:

    • 4,000 BTUs is about what’s needed to warm a small 200 sq ft area

    For every HOUR of heat, a 200 sq ft area needs almost an entire car battery of energy. How many car batteries do you want to bring camping?

    Now let’s talk about propane, a classic fuel source for camping heaters:

    • 90,000 BTUs is equal to about one gallon of propane
    • 90,000 BTUs is equal to about 26,300Wh of battery storage

    So you can choose between ONE gallon of propane of more than 26 car batteries! Batteries don’t measure up when it comes to heating power.

    I’m a big fan of solar energy and electrical devices. You can find pretty great portable air conditioners and some of the best camping fridges that easily run on solar energy. I’ve written extensively about how to power portable air conditioners

    But when it comes to heaters, you really are better off sticking with fossil fuel for now. Hopefully battery technology improves and someday we can heat with solar-generated battery energy. For the moment, it’s going to be very limited heating.

    Wrap Up: Battery Powered Heater for Camping

    Staying warm while camping is part of living comfortably while enjoying the great outdoors. If you want a battery powered heater, you can get a low-watt space heater for camping that is 500W or 200W. Pair that with a decent portable power station or solar generator and you can have hours of use from a battery powered heater for camping.

    If you don’t want to invest in a decent portable power station, then you can get a smaller battery operated heater for camping. Heated blankets, heated sleeping bag liners, heated hand warmers, neck warmers, and other small devices can all come with rechargeable battery packs. They are affordable, lightweight battery powered camping heaters that take the edge off, but they won’t heat a large open space.

    Ready to check out other battery powered camping devices? Head over to the Best Camping Fridges to never worry about getting bags of ice or soggy food again.

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