The 10 Best Canvas Wall Tents Money Can Buy: Ultimate Guide

The Best Canvas Wall Tents

If you’re on the hunt for the best canvas wall tents, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Whether you’re a seasoned camper, a dedicated hunter, or just someone craving a bit more comfort in the great outdoors, a canvas wall tent can transform your experience. 

Sorting through endless brands, materials, and features can feel overwhelming. You can rest easy because I’ve sifted through countless options to create this comprehensive list of the best canvas wall tents on the market. You can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying nature.

This list includes nearly every one of the most talked about canvas wall tents. Some of them I love and recommend without reservations. Others I’ll present to you but show you why it might be better to consider alternatives. And I’ve also included a full guide to picking the best wall tent for your needs. 

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have everything you need to choose the best canvas wall tent that fits your lifestyle like a glove.

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The Big Sky Canvas Wall Tent in the woods

Best Canvas Wall Tents: The Short List

Best OverallWhiteDuck Alpha Pro Wall TentPremium poly-cotton canvas wall tent packed with features from a reputable company available in a variety of sizes
Runner UpElk Mountain Tents Canvas Wall TentPoly-cotton canvas tent available with and without frame, fully packed with everything you need
Best Stove & Tent BundleKodiak Cabin Lodge Tent With StoveExcellent canvas wall tent that can be purchase alone or as part of a bundle with a stove, front awning area, heat shield, and floor tarp
Best MinimalistBeckel Wall TentsMade-to-order traditional canvas wall tents, slightly fewer features but from a company dedicated to crafting canvas tents
Budget OptionGuide Gear 10’x12′ Canvas Wall Tent The best cheap wall tent around, but still questionable reputation and quality

We have reviewed dozens and dozens of canvas wall tents. This table shows the short list of our top options, but we also have some other canvas wall tent options listed below.

The inside of the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Canvas Tent

Best Overall: WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Wall Tent

WhiteDuck is one of the absolute best canvas tents brands around. And the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Wall Tent is their premium option. It uses an advanced polyester-reinforced canvas for increased durability and is absolutely packed with all the features you need in a four season canvas wall tent.

Why We Like It

  • Exception company with unparalleled reputation for canvas tents
  • Full tent package with windows, stove jack, screens, and more
  • Available rain fly and awning structure make it even better

Room for Improvement

  • A premium product that has a premium price, but WhiteDuck also offers a cheaper traditional canvas tent

Where To Buy

You can buy WhiteDuck Alpha Pro on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer. Click to keep reading about it in the below detailed review.

The Elk Mountain Tents for winter in the snow

Runner Up: Elk Mountain Tents Canvas Wall Tent

Elk Mountain Tents is another brand that you can trust without reservation. And their canvas wall tent is the full package and is made from the poly-cotton blend, just like the Alpha Pro. Simply put, it’s another gold-standard of the canvas wall tent industry.

Why We Like It

  • Superior poly-cotton canvas blend in a solid 10-ounce weight
  • Comes with the necessary angles, but you can choose to get your own frame or buy from them
  • Excellent build quality and reputation

Room for Improvement

  • Have to make sure to get your frame or cut it yourself

Where To Buy

If you’re ready, click to see Elk Mountain Large Canvas Wall Tent on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer. For more information, click here to keep reading our detailed review below.

The Kodiak Cabin Lodge Tent on a hard-packed surface with a stove pipe

Best Stove & Tent Bundle: Kodiak Cabin Tent With Stove

I know it sounds repetitive, but Kodiak really is another trusted brand in the canvas tent world (rounding out my top three choices). You can buy many various sizes of Kodiak Canvas Wall Tents, but I absolutely love the stove and tent bundle. It includes an excellent wood fire stove, awning setup, floor tarp, and heat shield to give you everything you need in one neat package.

Why We Like It

  • Comes from a quality dedicated to creating amazing canvas tents
  • This package gets you warm and comfortable without a fuss, while saving you cash
  • The tent alone is also a great product, worthy of a top spot even if the money-saving bundle wasn’t an option

Room for Improvement

  • Only three sizes available, with 12’x16′ being the largest

Where To Buy

See the entire lineup of Kodiak Cabin Wall Tents and bundles here. Or click here to keep reading more information in the detailed review below.

The Beckel Canvas Wall Tent using logs as support poles

Best Minimalist: Beckel Wall Tents

If you want a traditional canvas tent made by a purist company that’s been around for decades, Beckel Canvas Wall Tents are worth checking out. In general, I prefer the more feature-packed options. But if you want a basic tent or don’t mind paying for each additional add-on and don’t mind some lacking features, this can be good.

Why We Like It

  • Company with decades of canvas tent experience sticking to the basics
  • Uses high-quality canvas with waterproofing

Room for Improvement

  • Doesn’t offer poly-blend canvas
  • Additional features are either extra money or not available

Where To Buy

Head over to Beckel Canvas Tents’ website for more information. Or click here to read more information below in our detailed review.

The Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent at night

Budget Option: Guide Gear 10’x12′ Canvas Wall Tent

It’s hard to find the best cheap canvas wall tent that’s worth the money. But this option from Guide Gear seems to be as good as it gets. It specifies the canvas used, includes a frame, and has many of the same features as more expensive products. It just lacks the reputation and customer feedback.

Why We Like It

  • Low price in comparison to similar products
  • 10-ounce cotton canvas material
  • Comes with a frame, windows, screens, and more

Room for Improvement

  • Limited company information and feedback about this specific product

Where To Buy

Check out the Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent. Or click here to read our full review listed below.

Alright, now it’s time to dive deep into the details. We’ll go over each of these five highlighted options, plus a handful of other top popular options. You’ll be able to know everything you need about buying the best canvas wall tents.

The WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Canvas Wall Tent with furniture in nature as a glamping experience

Best Overall: WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Wall Tent

When it comes to blending durability, versatility, and spaciousness, the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Wall Tent stands as a peerless 4-season outdoor abode. This tent isn’t just a temporary camping solution; it’s a full-fledged outdoor living space.

This is one of the best canvas wall tents designed to offer comfort and protection for a range of uses. It can handle everything including quick weekend camping trips, long hunting excursions, and even luxurious glamping experiences. 

With its heavy-duty frame, fire-water repellent material, and extra features like an AC port, this tent is packed with everything you need for an outdoor getaway.

  • Built for All Seasons: Engineered for extreme weather conditions, the 4 season wall tent’s performance cotton-polyester blend canvas is ideal for year-round outdoor use.
  • Ready-to-Use Convenience: No need to buy extra gear. It comes with poles, angle kits, floor, and even a tool kit for setup.
  • Spacious and Versatile: With a 10-person maximum capacity, you can choose to sleep as few as 5 or as many as 10, making it perfect for family outings or hunting trips with friends.

Click to see the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

You can also save some cash by getting the WhiteDuck Alpha (non-Pro) version, made using traditional cotton canvas instead.

A Closer Look: WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Canvas Tent

The WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Wall Tent is a masterpiece. Its double-stitched seams and reinforced corners are designed for longevity, while the proprietary shock-absorbing bungee cords offer additional resistance against harsh weather. 

It also uses a more modern and advanced canvas material. The performance cotton-polyester blend canvas combines BCI cotton and recycled pet bottle poly fiber. The result is a material that’s not only more durable and long-lasting than traditional cotton canvas, it also has better waterproofing capabilities.

This canvas wall tent also has incredible multi-functionality. The pre-installed, heat-resistant silicone-coated stove jack allows for a cozy, warm interior in cold seasons. The high quality canvas tent also comes with a dedicated AC port perfect for a camping air conditioner, providing a unique blend of rustic outdoor experience and modern convenience.

It’s a true 4 season wall tent that’s ready to tackle all the harsh conditions.

The WhiteDuck Alpha Pro with its windows closed

About the Manufacturer – WhiteDuck

WhiteDuck Outdoors isn’t a newbie in the outdoor gear market. With decades of experience, they’ve launched a brand that stands for quality, durability, and versatility. 

But they’re also not stuck in their ways. They’ve shown a commitment to improving the sustainability of their products by using BCI cotton and recycled PET bottle poly fiber. For outdoor enthusiasts and eco-conscious buyers, they’re showing a commitment to keeping the world pristine for us all to enjoy. 

And beyond that, WhiteDuck is well known to create high levels of customer satisfaction and a strong reputation for customer service underline their promise of quality. The products are amazingly reliable, but if anything goes wrong, they have your back with a superior warranty and willingness to go the extra mile.

It’s hard to find a better set of reviews than the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Large Wall Tent. It’s one of the best wall tents on the market and is sure to be part of your gear kit for years to come. It’s great to use as a wall tent with a stove for hunting, camping, or anytime you want to add an incredible covered space outside.

Available Add-Ons from WhiteDuck

This canvas tent comes with everything you need, including the tent, frame, and floor. Not all tents go this far, but WhiteDuck is ready to go out of the bag.

But there are two items that are worth adding on to your purchase. Many campers might find them to be essential add-ons that will make your canvas tent experience much better.

The first is for those who will deal with heavy downpours, snowfall, or other extreme precipitation. WhiteDuck makes a giant fly sheet, which is essentially an extra cover or rain fly, made from durable polyester. 

Not only will it stop all water from getting in to your large wall tent, this fly also helps maintain your canvas and keep it in better shape for longer. Plus, it helps withstand heavy snowfall and its weight.

The second add-on is a spacious front porch area. This creates a semi-sheltered outdoor space by leveraging the existing frame. If you want a little shade outside your insulated wall tent or perhaps an area where you can get away from the crowd or simply enjoy the outdoors, this is absolutely worth its cost.

You could also consider getting one of the best camp canopies to create some shade by your campsite.

The inside of the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Canvas Tent

Pros and Cons of the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Wall Tent

Even high-quality canvas tents have some downsides. In this section, we’ll review some of the best features of this glamping wall tent, along with some of the harsh realities. 


  • Weather-Resistant: Designed to be a four season wall tent to withstand all outdoor conditions, including extreme cold and heat.
  • Ease of Setup: Detailed instructions and a provided tool kit for setting up this wall tent make the process a breeze, even the first time around.
  • Capacity: This large wall tent offers ample space, comfortably fitting up to 10 people for a variety of activities.


  • Price Point: With its premium features comes a premium price, which might be a hurdle for some buyers.
  • Weight: Given its robust construction, the tent is on the heavier side, which could make transportation challenging without proper equipment.

This tent sets the gold standard for what outdoor living should feel like. It is a deluxe wall tent that’s comfortable, secure, and equipped for all types of weather and activities. The few minor drawbacks are easily overshadowed by its superior design and unparalleled functionality.

WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Canvas Wall Tent: Specifications

Capacity4 to 14 people
Size8’x10’, 10’x12’, 12’x14’, 14’x16’, 16’x20’
Weight146 to 379 pounds (66 to 172 kg)
Canvas MaterialCotton-polyester blend
Floor Material16-ounce heavy-duty polyvinyl 
Frame Material1.18” (30 mm) galvanized steel
Mesh MaterialPVC dipped UV resistant mesh
Windows2 to 6 windows with screens
Doors1 large door with zippered opening and screen
Center Height7’6″ to 10’
Wall Height5’ (1.5 m)
Door Height6’6” to 7’8”
Stove JackYes, heat-resistant, silicone-coated
Setup KitPoles, angle kits, and tool kit included
Other FeaturesDouble-stitched seams, reinforced corners, shock-absorbing bungee cords

Get one of the best canvas wall tents on the market by heading over to the Amazon listing or getting the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro directly from the manufacturer.

If you don’t want the polyester blend fabric, you can get the WhiteDuck Alpha (non-Pro) version with cotton canvas for a lower price on Amazon or from WhiteDuck

The Elk Mountain Tents Canvas Wall Tent in nature

Runner Up: Elk Mountain Tents Large Canvas Wall Tent

The Elk Mountain Tents Large Canvas Waterproof Wall Tent is a superb choice for anyone looking for a large wall tent. With excellent ratings and versatile features, this tent offers reliability and comfort. And it comes from an excellent company.

It’s a jack-of-all-trades, designed with versatility in mind to maximize your comfort. Whether you’re going on a family camping trip or using it as one of the best wall tents for elk hunting, this tent has got you covered, thanks to its:

  • Best Quality Canvas: The tent is made from an 11-ounce polyester canvas, boasting higher tear strength than traditional canvas.
  • Reinforced Corners: Ensures durability where the tent contacts poles, enhancing longevity.
  • Setup and Angle Kit: Easy to set up and comes with an angle kit, though poles are sold separately.

This is an excellent choice if you want to save some money by making your own poles. The tent comes with the angles to connect aluminum poles, but it does NOT include the poles themselves. You can buy the package separately from Elk Mountain for a reasonable cost or buy 3/4″ EMT on your own and cut to size.

See the Elk Mountain Large Canvas Wall Tent on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

Quality of Canvas Material

One of the most impressive attributes of this Elk Mountain tent is the exceptional quality of the canvas material it uses. While many traditional tents opt for cotton canvas, this Elk Mountain tent is designed with a unique polyester material, just like the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro.

This decision brings several advantages, including higher tear and break strength. Polyester is renowned for its toughness, ensuring that this tent can withstand a variety of environmental pressures.

This exceptional material gives it a leg up in harsh weather conditions since it does better with waterproofing products. The result is that this glamping wall tent provides a more secure and reliable shelter. 

Elk Mountain tops it off with heavy-duty zippers and no-see-um mesh to create a deluxe canvas wall tent. 

The Elk Mountain Tents for winter in the snow

Room to Breathe and More

Elk Mountain Tents are a game-changer when it comes to offering spacious living quarters in the great outdoors. The interior comfortably accommodates sleeping and relaxation or prep areas, whether it’s just you and your partner or a small group. 

There are three different sizes for this canvas wall tent to choose from. The spacious interior of any option is ideal for providing both a sleeping space and a separate area for a wood stove, relaxation, or other uses. The sizes can comfortably accommodate between 6 to 10 people depending on your selection. 

I recommend avoiding maxing out the sleeping capacity. Instead, go up a size so you have a little more space for a camp stove or other interior furniture. The sleeping capacity can be increased if your group has a lot of kids, but you should also factor in any sleeping cots or other gear that might take up floor space.

Don’t forget to grab all the Camping Kitchen Gear you need to enjoy good food in the wild.

However, it’s worth noting that such spaciousness can come with a trade-off: longer setup times. The more room you have, the more time it takes to assemble everything properly. And that’s just a downside that you’ll find with most large canvas wall tents.

User-Friendly Features

Comfort and efficiency are at the forefront of Elk Mountain Tents’ design philosophy. When you’re spending time in the wilderness, proper ventilation is crucial. And this high quality canvas wall tent delivers. 

The tent comes with multiple ventilation options, including mesh windows and roof vents. These features not only help keep the interior cool but also significantly reduce condensation, making your stay more comfortable.

The inside structure of the Elk Mountain Canvas Tent

Windows might seem like a small feature, but I can tell you that windows can make the difference between an okay experience and the best canvas wall tents. When the weather turns south, being able to see outside can make a big difference. You’re there to enjoy the outdoors, so let your tent be a literal window to the outside world. It’s also great that you can open the windows without having to worry about mosquitos coming in to suck your blood and make you itch.

The company also provides extensive instructions to set up and care for your tent. Setting up this canvas wall tent is easy, just get the frame ready and slap on the canvas tent material. The first time might take some learning, but then you’ll have it down.

 Elk Mountain Tents Canvas Wall Tent: Specifications

Capacity6 to 10 people
Size13’x13’, 13’x16’, 16’x20’
Weight55 to 75 pounds (25 to 34 kg) WITHOUT FRAME
Canvas Material11-ounce poly-cotton canvas
Floor MaterialHeavy rubberized PVC (sold separately)
Frame MaterialZinc or galvanized aluminum (sold separately)
Mesh MaterialReinforced
Windows4 to 6 windows (with screens)
DoorsFront and Back Door (all zippered; screens optional)
Wall Height5’ (1.5 m)
Door HeightUnknown
Stove JackUncut fiberglass with cover (4″,5″, or 6″)
Setup KitOnly tent and frame angles included – floor and frame sold separately
Other FeaturesOne of the few options with front and rear door, US-based company, affordable thanks to direct sales process and low overhead

Ready to kick-start your canvas wall tent adventures? Buy the Elk Mountain Large Canvas Wall Tent today on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

And don’t forget to add on your frame kit and floor, unless you want to buy yours elsewhere.

The Kodiak Canvas Wall Tent With Stove Bundle package

Best Stove & Tent Bundle: Kodiak Cabin Lodge Tent With Stove

Getting the best wall tent with a stove just got a lot easier with this complete package. In fact, this Kodiak Bundle is a full set of essential products that transform one of the best wall tents into a full-featured glamping extravaganza that will make any neighbor jealous. And best of all, it comes from Kodiak, a company you can trust.

This starts with the Kodiak Cabin Lodge Canvas Wall Tent, one of the best in the business. Then it adds in the Wood Burning Spruce Stove made by Colorado Cylinder Stove, another top manufacturer.

But it doesn’t stop there. Kodiak throws in the enclosed awning accessory that adds more square footage to your amazing new canvas wall tent. The it finishes off the bundle with all the small details covered, a ground tarp and stove heat shield.

For small groups of about 2 people, I recommend the 10×10 Cabin Lodge Tent With Stove bundle directly from Kodiak. And if your group is bigger, you’ll probably find the 12×12 or massive 12×16 sizes more appropriate. 

If you have your own stove and want to skip the package, this Kodiak Cabin Lodge Canvas Wall Tent is still a great option by itself.

You can view the entire lineup of Kodiak Cabin Wall Tents and bundles here.

Kodiak Canvas Wall Tents

There’s no point in getting a bundle if the central component is junk. But that’s far from the case here. In fact,  we recommend Kodiak Canvas Tents without reservation. We put the smaller Kodiak Flex-Bow Tent – a GREAT option – on our Best Canvas Tent list. And the Kodiak Truck Bed Tent – a great tent for truck bed camping – made the short-list for our Truck Camping article.

And when it comes to large canvas wall tents, Kodiak hits it out of the park again.

The Kodiak Lodge Tent, which is what they call their wall tents, is available in three sizes. The 10’x10’ is on the smaller side for wall tents, good for about 2 people and their gear. The middle size of 12’x12’ is better for about 4-6 people or just to have more space inside. But the 12’x16’ is incredible, with about 8-10 people fitting comfortably or a smaller group with more living area.

The size isn’t the only good thing about this canvas wall tent. Kodiak uses an excellent 10-ounce cotton canvas that they’ve protected with a water treatment, making it into their trademarked Hydra-shield canvas.

And to save cost and weight, the walls use the same material but in a slightly lighter 8.5-ounce thickness. There’s no need for the heavier material there, so it makes a lot of sense. The floor has maximum protection with 13.5-ounce polyester reinforced vinyl with welded seams

The Kodiak Cabin Lodge Tent on a hard-packed surface with a stove pipe

Other top features of the Kodiak canvas tents include:

  • Up to 9 windows with a large D-shaped door
  • 1-inch galvanized steel sturdy frame, stainless steel stake loops, and heavy-duty tent stakes
  • Stove jack opening, optional awning and stove heat shield, and zippered storage bag

Want to see more customer reports on Kodiak customer satisfaction? Don’t just trust my word for it. Head over to their “Love Letters” page to see some rave reviews.

Why The Bundle Is Worth It

I love to do research, find the best products, and look for the great deals. Getting a pre-selected bundle isn’t usually my first choice. But once again, Kodiak has shown a dedication to customer satisfaction.

This bundle turns your already-incredible tent into a well-built four season canvas tent. And it saves you cash while doing so.

The wood-burning stoves Kodiak includes are made by Colorado Cylinder Stove. They make their stoves in western Colorado, stand behind their product, and have a full lineup of accessories, like a hot water heater and warming tray.

On top of the stove itself, Kodiak includes a thick mat made with fiberglass and silicone to put under the stove. This protects your tent’s floor and stops the wood burning stove from hurting it.

Speaking of the wall tent’s floor, which is already a durable 16-ounce polyester reinforced vinyl, Kodiak includes an 11-mm thick ground tarp that fits under your canvas tent’s floor perfectly. 

The tarp is just smaller than the tent’s footprint so rain can travel down the roof and walls without getting trapped. This tarp protects your floor and makes sure your expensive wall tent lasts years and years.

Perhaps my favorite part of these Kodiak Canvas Wall Tent Bundles is the included awning accessory. These use the frame of the tent for support while adding up to 44% more space. It’s basically an entire second tent just outside the other one.

The Kodiak Large Canvas Wall Tent with windows and door

Why is this awning so useful? When camping you can:

  • Step into the awning with your wet, muddy, or dirty gear
  • Enjoy the shade and rain cover of the awning
  • When ready to go inside, you can remove all your gear and leave it in a protected spot

The result of all this gear in one package is one of the best canvas wall tent camping experiences you can imagine. It will last years, give you all the space you need, and provide ideal wood-fire stove heat.

Want to learn some insider tips to finding the best campsites?

Kodiak Cabin Lodge Canvas Wall Tent With Stove: Specifications

Capacity2 to 10 people
Size10’x10’, 12’x12’, or 12’x16’
Weight75 to 125 pounds (34 to 57 kg)
Canvas Material10-ounce Hydra-shield canvas roof, 8.5-ounce Hydra-shield canvas walls
Floor Material13.5-ounce polyester-reinforced vinyl with welded seams
Frame Material1-inch galvanized, steel tubing
Mesh MaterialNo-see-um mesh
Windows6 to 9 windows
Doors1 large D-shaped door
Wall Height5.5’ (1.7 m)
Door Height7.5’ peak ceiling height (2.3 m; door slightly lower)
Stove Jack5” stove jack included, bundle comes with actual wood-fire stove
Setup KitTent, frame, angles, floor included with all tents; bundle adds in stove, stove mat, front awning, and ground tarp
Other FeaturesIdeal all-in-one bundle with high-quality pieces throughout; awning feature is unique and noteworthy; ideal winter camping canvas tent bundle

Head over to Kodiak to get your Kodiak Lodge Canvas Wall Tent Bundle With Stove right away.  The 12’x16’ will be great for the biggest groups, while the 12×12 is a great alternative.

You can also buy any of the tents alone. Click here to see the full selection of Kodiak Cabin Wall Tents and bundles.

The Beckel Wall Tent in the mountains camping

Best Minimalist: Beckel Wall Tents

If you want a purist’s version of a canvas wall tent, Beckel is a good brand to turn to. This company has over 40 years of camping canvas tent experience and puts out a great product using 10-ounce cotton canvas with a marine finish.

But there is a catch. Unlike the other top brands like WhiteDuck, Elk Mountain, and Kodiak Canvas Wall Tents, Beckel doesn’t include much. Their base tent purchase comes with nothing more than the canvas covering, zippers, and reinforcement points. 

That means you need to (1) bring your own pole structure or purchase it from Beckel separately, and (2) pay for any additional add-on which are often a standard part of other tents, such as:

  • Any window openings
  • Floor tarp or footprint
  • Screen for door

The Purists Dream Come True

Beckel is a purist company. In some ways, this is a good thing. It means they are experts in this field and can make some of the best canvas wall tents around based on traditional methods. 

They stick to 10-ounce cotton canvas, which is a reasonable thickness but not the heaviest option out there. It is made with a “marine finish” to help with waterproofing and comes pre-shrunk so you don’t have to get it wet and dry before use. Beckel Canvas Tents also carefully reinforces the tension areas and uses heavy-duty nylon zippers.

And sometimes having the purist take means that innovation and competition might move forward without you. And unfortunately, there are a couple areas where Beckel Canvas Wall Tents aren’t quite keeping up with the market.

First is the lack of included features, such as multiple windows and no-see-um mesh. I love being outside, and the best canvas wall tents for camping help you do just that. But many times, you’ll want to see out without letting the world in. 

Beckel offers windows and a floor as extra, somewhat pricey add-ons. The windows are individual and much more expensive than I had in mind. And the catalog doesn’t show the option for window screens, but only offers an option for a door screen – which the company confirms it thinks are unnecessary unless you’re somewhere extremely buggy like Florida. 

I get eaten alive with just two mosquitos in my tent, so I strongly prefer screens on my tents, especially large cabin ones. If I want windows and screens, it looks like I’ll have to pay a substantial sum for the windows then figure out the screens on my own. Not a great feeling.

The other downside to taking the purist stance is the desire to only use exclusively cotton canvas. WhiteDuck and Elk Mountain have shifted to polyester-reinforced canvas in their premium products, as have many other top brands. 

The polyester blend provides enhanced durability and many say it retains the waterproofing material better too. We understand Beckel’s purist take on only using cotton canvas, but feel that some people are better off with the poly-cotton blend. It would be nice to offer the option for either instead of forcing people to stick to what they think is best despite an industry growing the other direction.

The Beckel Canvas Wall Tent in the forest at dusk

Make Sure to Get What You Need: Tent, Frame, Floor

I still think Beckel makes some of the best canvas wall tents for winter, summer, and every time between. They’re a reliable wall tent made by a top-notch company. Just take your time before ordering to make sure you get everything you need.

The heart of the order is your actual canvas tent, available in NINE different sizes ranging from 9’x9’ to 18’x21’. This gives you a roof, walls, and a zippered door with a stove jack opening on the vertical wall.

The next part of your order should focus on supporting this tent. You can save money by getting the “rafter kit”, which appears to be the angles used for 1” EMT conduit. It also comes with a “cut sheet” specifying exactly what conduit lengths you need to cut.

Beckel offers steel and aluminum frame kits, available in a variety of sizes to match every Beckel Eena Canvas Tent. The weight savings of aluminum can be substantial, but the tradeoff is that steel is stronger and can handle more weight (important for windy or snowy conditions).

The final crucial aspect is the floor. Beckel offers sod cloths, which are small strips of material (usually about 10-15” or 25-38 cm) that connect to the walls then tucks toward the middle of the tent. The sod sheet allows you to place a tarp or rug on top of it so there is a good seal against the elements. 

But it still isn’t the same precision seal other options for the best canvas wall tents offer. You can also buy 1-ounce nylon floor tarps from Beckel to put inside on the sod sheet.

Adding on the Accessories

Once you have the tent, frame, and floor figured out, it’s time to identify what add-ons you want as part of your tent. I suggest starting with a ridge hole cover. Beckel leaves an opening at the peak of the roof on both sides so you can slip a pole through, but I imagine most people want this to be sealed instead.

Then you’ll have to decide on windows, which are a little pricey per cut. Adding 6-8 windows as often seen on the bigger tents can reach well into hundreds of dollars. And it looks like there is no option for these to have a screen mesh layer, let alone the triple-layer storm windows found on the top options from WhiteDuck.

Speaking of screens, the zippered door does not come with a screen unless you order it. And while there is a stove jack, it’s on the vertical wall of the door. This doesn’t work so well if you are using a screen or buying the awning kit, so you might want to add another stove jack opening to the order.

After that, you can consider the Eena Porch Kit, which extends the covered space outside the door. This is a great spot for additional gear, just like the Kodiak Awning that’s part of their full bundle of the canvas wall tent with a stove.

Another camping gear item we highly recommend is a small 5 pound propane tank. Ditch the small bottles and bring enough for longer trips while saving money.

The Beckel Canvas Wall Tent using logs as support poles

Finally, if you expect heavy rains or snow, a fly tarp (rain fly) is likely a good call as well. This drapes over the entire roof of your canvas wall tent. However, unlike the WhiteDuck Canvas Wall Tent for winter rainfly option made from polyester-reinforced vinyl, this Beckel version of a fly is made from the same material as the tent itself, 10-ounce cotton canvas. It’s basically just double-layering it. I’d prefer to see a different, more waterproof material used.

You might just want to opt for a better waterproofing product, like the Nikwax Solarproof package instead.

And there you have it, that’s most of the options for the Beckel Eena Canvas Wall Tent. That price on the first page of their catalog might look tempting, but if you try to add on everything you see in the other best canvas wall tents, that price is going to climb a lot higher.

Beckel Canvas Wall Tents: Specifications

Capacity~2 to 12 people
Size9’x9’, 9’x12’, 12’x12’, 12’x15’, 15’x15’, 15’x18’, 15’x21’, 18’x18’, 18’x21’
Weight35 to 85 pounds (16 to 39 kg) TENT ONLY
Canvas Material10-ounce marine treated cotton canvas
Floor Material14-ounce coated nylon (optional)
Frame MaterialAluminum or galvanized steel (optional)
Mesh MaterialNo-see-ums mesh (optional, DOOR ONLY)
WindowsZero included, available as individual add-ons without screen
Doors1 full-height front door with middle zipper
Wall Height4’ to 5’
Door Height8’, 9’, or 10’
Stove JackIncluded on vertical front wall by door, others available as optional add-on
Setup KitAngle kit (“rafter kit”) or full frame kit available as add-on, rope sets extra, no mention of ground stakes
Other FeaturesA purist take on a canvas wall tent with no frills ut high-quality canvas built with reinforced tension spots and heavy-duty zippers, many customization options available to buy

Head over to Beckel Canvas Tents’ website for more information. You’ll need to look at their current catalog and figure out the options you want to see the full price. Then contact the company to place your order.

The Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent during the day

Budget Option: Guide Gear 10’x12′ Canvas Wall Tent 

If you’ve been looking for one of the best canvas wall tents thinking you wouldn’t have to dive deep into your wallet, this article has probably been a disappointing surprise. Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

I’ll start with the good news. There is a cheap canvas wall tent. In fact, there are quite a few cheap canvas wall tents. 

And after searching through many of them, I found one that looks like it provides a good wall tent for the money. It’s the Guide Gear 10’x12’ Canvas Wall Tent, and it comes with a frame, floor, and everything you need to start enjoying nature.

Now the bad news. The fact is that a high-quality canvas wall tent for winter or any serious camping or hunting needs will cost a good chunk of money. And even the cheap wall tents still cost hundreds of dollars and hit the pricey end of the scale for any tent on the market.

The fact is, you’re going to get what you pay for. And skimping out but still spending hundreds might not be the best option. But we’ll go into the details so you can decide for yourself.

To see the price of this cheap canvas wall tent, head over to the Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent listing.

The Guide Gear Tent interior with two cots

On Its Face, Everything Is Here

Looking at the listing for this canvas wall tent, and everything seems to be in place. First and foremost, it specifies that it uses a 10-ounce fabric that’s been weather treated. This is just about all the same information we get from even a top brand like Beckel Canvas Tents. 

And it’s more robust than the lighter canvas used in WhiteDuck’s lower-end models. It sounds like it could be a four season wall tent.

This large canvas wall tent includes a full aluminum frame kit, something many of the cheaper alternatives go without, and even has guy lines and stakes.

It says it comes with a sod cloth, which Beckel uses as a term for a partial floor just around the perimeter under the walls, and the listing says the floor is sold separately. But the reviews say this option includes an entire floor. Either way, you at least get some wetness protection with either a sod cloth or floor.

The Guide Gear Canvas Tent also includes a stove jack opening, a rear window, and a front ventilation opening. This cheap canvas wall tent doesn’t seem to have any screens, but it does offer some visibility and airflow.

Overall, at this price, this is the full package for much less than other canvas tent manufacturers. It’s not going to be a deluxe canvas tent with all the bells and whistles, but it’s a cheap wall tent that seems to have all it needs.

Guide Gear Reputation and Other Concerns

When I look for the best camping gear, I’m always checking out the companies behind the products. Unfortunately, the world is packed full of cheap knock-offs made by less-than-reputable companies. This might be alright for a cheap product you don’t rely on, but for a canvas wall tent, the price is too high. And so are the stakes.

It’s hard to find much about the reputation of Guide Gear. There are some other websites that sell their products outside of Amazon, so that’s a plus. But they don’t seem to have their own website and finding a lot of customer feedback has proved challenging. The Amazon reviews are not extensive and are mixed between mediocre and positive. 

Unfortunately, this is the best feedback I could find for a cheap canvas wall tent. The other options have countless customer issues, absolutely nothing outside of Amazon, or other specific concerns that don’t exist with this option.

It’s really hard to say whether this tent actually is a good value or not. I strongly encourage you to spend the additional money on a tent from a very reputable company instead. 

But if you want to take the risk and be essentially a beta tester for a cheap canvas tent, this is the one I suggest.

Guide Gear 10’x12′ Canvas Wall Tent: Specifications

Capacity~4 people (listing says 12, which is insane)
Size10’x12’ (only one size)
Weight53 pounds tent (24 kg) 38 pounds frame (17 kg)
Canvas Material10-ounce weather-treated cotton canvas
Floor MaterialNot specified
Frame MaterialAluminum
Mesh MaterialNone
WindowsOne on rear wall
DoorsOne large front door (no screen)
Wall HeightNot specified
Door HeightNot specified
Stove Jack5” stove jack opening included 
Setup KitIncluded frame, angles, guy lines, and stakes
Other FeaturesVery affordable option that comes with all you need, nothing spectacular and not a lot of reviews yet, but seemingly decent option

Check out the Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent to see if you want to try it out for your next camping adventure.

The Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent at night

Other Canvas Wall Tent Options

You’ve seen the best of the best canvas wall tents, but I’m very detailed with my research and I know some of you want to see the guts of it all. You’ve probably heard a few other names in the canvas tent world, so let’s dive a little deeper into other canvas wall tents that didn’t quite make the short list of our top recommendations.

These tents fall into one of two categories: the first is the purist take, similar to the Beckel Canvas Tent options, that provide a blank canvas without frame and often missing certain features; and the second is the cheap canvas wall tents that I really don’t think you should waste your money on.

After weighing the options, these simply don’t hit the top of the list for the best canvas wall tents.

The Denver Tent Company Colorado Canvas Wall Tent

Denver Tent Company Colorado Wall Tent

I’m from Colorado and like many people from there, have a lot of pride in the wonderful state. In many ways, Denver Tent Company makes an excellent canvas wall tent. But there are some things that stop me from giving it a glowing recommendation.

It traces its roots all the way back to 1890! Their canvas tents use 10.1-ounce Army Duck cotton canvas with marine-grade treatment, screen door, side windows, and stove jack opening. In many ways, it looks like a great option.

The price is pretty steep, especially because it does NOT come with a frame. And they take 1-3 weeks to ship as they are made by hand in Denver, Colorado.

Unfortunately, the reputation for their tents is just not robust enough for me to recommend at this price. They’ve also recently changed ownership. And worst of all, I discovered some customer reports indicating they were completely unable to reach customer support through email or phone after trying for two years.

I don’t think I should have to say it, but spending thousands on a tent should get you access to a customer service representative. And for such a premium product, I’m surprised at the lack of positive stories out there. I’ve seen this situation before, ignored it, and then felt the sting when I was similarly ignored by customer service. When people show you who they are, believe them.

Overall, Denver Tent Company’s Colorado Canvas Wall Tent is likely a stellar tent option if you want to buy a premium product at a premium price. But I simply can’t tell you enough about the customer support or the reputation of their tents to recommend them. And don’t forget to add in the price of a frame if you do go with them.

The Big Sky Canvas Wall Tent in the woods

Big Sky Canvas: Montana Wall Tents

Big Sky Canvas is based out of Montana and is another purist canvas tent company, which seems to be quite similar to Beckel Canvas in many ways. They stick to 10-ounce cotton canvas and you can buy a frame if you want, but it is not included with the tent price.

Overall, Big Sky Canvas has a somewhat more pronounced reputation in the industry than Denver Tent Company. I did locate a few recommendations and discussions about seeing their tents at trade shows. But it really wasn’t enough to floor me. Beckel seems to have a more intense following.

I also found their prices to be substantially higher. I love supporting high-quality companies, so this might be worth it to support a great company that hopefully pays employees well.

The problem is that they are in a very competitive segment. With so many excellent options from the big names like WhiteDuck, Kodiak, and Elk Mountain Canvas Tents, I’m having a hard time putting Big Sky Canvas Tents on the top of my list.

The Cabela's Canvas Wall Tent

Cabela’s Wall Tent: Changed Supplier

Finding high-quality store brand gear can be a huge win. It gets more products out from high-quality manufacturers and usually helps the customer save some serious dough without sacrificing quality.

And not too long ago, the Cabela’s Cabin Wall Tent was one that many people raved about. Many guesses were made as to who supplies it, but unfortunately, that doesn’t matter anymore.

Most people say that Cabela’s 12×12 Canvas Wall Tent now is made by a different supplier. And unlike so many of Cabela’s brand products that are made for the abuse outdoorsmen put their stuff through, the current wall tent isn’t living up to the name.

There are complaints about nearly everything related to its quality. Tears in the fabric, tension points, and zippers. Moisture penetration that’s just not acceptable. And a general consensus that it is a poorly-made product.

Cabela’s can be a great place to stock up before heading out for your camping or hunting trip, but I’d probably skip their brand of canvas wall tents for the moment.

The Ozark Trails Cheap Canvas Wall Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person Outdoor Wall Tent 

I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m too good for Ozark Trail gear. I love the fact that Walmart has decided to sell affordable gear that helps tons of people get outside. And when I’ve been on the road and in a pinch, I’ve picked up some Ozark Trail items that I’ve been surprisingly happy with, even down to a camp canopy.

But this Walmart Wall Tent just doesn’t seem to be worth the cost. The problem is that canvas wall tents are not cheap. And even when they are more affordable, like this one, it’s still hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

It is made from 235 gsm canvas, which is equal to about 7 ounces per yard.  In all of my research, I have never seen this light of canvas used on any canvas tent. It’s just way too lightweight and unlikely to be a reliable canvas tent.

Plus, the waterproof rating is 2,000 mm. This is another extremely low figure. Most companies start using the term waterproof at 3,000 mm. And even then, it’s very little protection when the rain actually starts coming down hard. You want to see 8,000, 10,000, or even 20,000 mm for serious waterproof protection.

And worst of all, the customer feedback on the Ozark Trails Canvas Wall Tent is not good. Problems right out of the box required repairs, others had it fail during use, and other pretty serious issues give me a lot of concern.

But hey, at the end of the day, this little package is seriously cheaper than a lot of other options. 

So if you really want a cheap canvas wall tent, then you can give it a shot. I recommend bringing a tarp with, possibly putting on some more waterproof spray, and maybe even bringing along some other repair gear like a canvas patch kit.

Head over to Walmart to see the rock-bottom price of this Ozark Trails Canvas Wall Tent.

The HappyBuy Cheap Canvas Wall Tent

Happybuy Canvas Wall Tent

I’ll keep the review of this canvas wall tent short and sweet. Like many things on Amazon, you can find cheap canvas wall tents made by companies that seem to take the idea from another company and spit it out at about half the cost.

And like many of those products, this one doesn’t quite live up to the products they mimic. 

In fact, this has about 30% 1-star reviews at the time I’m writing this. That is horrendously bad for an Amazon product. I usually stay away at about 10-15%, but 30% showcases serious issues that cannot be ignored. The complaints include broken parts, tears, and water issues.

And once again, it’s just not that cheap. Any canvas wall tent is pricey. It’s silly to spend hundreds or even over a thousand dollars on a product that’s not going to be reliable and high-quality. 

But as always, feel free to see the Happybuy Canvas Wall Tent on Amazon to see if you want to take the risk.

Kristina and Michael from Off Path Travels enjoying a beautiful mountain pass in Colorado on their road trip

The Best Canvas Wall Tents: Buying Guide

When you’re shopping to buy one of the best canvas wall tents, you need to know what to look for. The listings can look oddly similar between them all. And the photos just make you want to click Buy and get one right away.

But you should take a moment to ensure that you are putting your money where it counts. After all, finding a cheap canvas wall tent is often not worthwhile, so you need to understand what it is that you’re paying for with that extra money.

And that’s why I’m here to help. I’m an outdoor enthusiast focused on uncovering the best in travel and camping. I have many years of outdoor adventure experience using a lot of top brands, and I am always out there talking to others about their experience. Plus, I spend hours and hours performing research and writing these articles. This one will likely clock in at over 30 hours to create!

So let’s see exactly what you should look for when buying a canvas wall tent for your camping, hunting, and other outdoor adventures.

Canvas Fabric

No canvas wall tent is complete without the canvas itself. Traditionally, canvas is a cotton fabric and that is what most brands still use.

To help understand the difference, canvas is rated in its weight. Most of the best canvas wall tents use 10-ounce per yard canvas or above, and it’s usually Army Duck canvas, meaning it has an intricate weaving pattern for added strength. 

You can find a lower, lighter canvas. Incredibly cheap wall tents go down to about 7-ounces, but better brands use around 8.5-ounces in some reliable wall tent options. Some mix weights, putting the heavier, thicker fabric on the roof and a lighter, thinner variant on the walls. This helps the package store and transport easier, while also keeping costs down.

There’s a new kid on the block as well. Polyester-reinforced canvas is a newer hybrid material. It takes the old-school cotton canvas and cranks up the durability by incorporating a synthetic polyester blend.

For some companies, this is an abhorrent mutant canvas that shouldn’t be touched. But more progressive companies go with it and have found that it lives up to the demands of their customers better. After all, who doesn’t want a strong, more durable product that also has better ability to repel water?

If you look at WhiteDuck’s top option, you’re going to find a poly-cotton blend, but they also provide cotton canvas options. Kodiak uses cotton canvas with a trademark Hydra-shield treatment. Elk Mountain also goes with the newer poly blend. Then Beckel Canvas totally and explicitly rejects the idea of synthetic blends. 

There’s really no saying what a company will do. Purist ones in business for years with canvas will likely reject it. Newer companies pushing the industry forward embrace it. 

What’s right for you? That’s a call you have to make.

The inside structure of the Elk Mountain Canvas Tent

Frame Included or Not

Another way that the canvas wall tent industry is changing is with the frames. In the past, the tent supplier did not include a frame. You’d get the tent from one company, that might give you a sheet letting you know what size tubes you need.

Then you go buy your conduit tubing from whatever supplier and in whatever material you want. Cut it to size, find the angles to connect them all, and finally, you have a functioning tent.

If this sounds exhausting, I have great news. The best canvas wall tents now come with the frames included. You can still find options without frames if you really want to try to save some cash or have specific needs of your own. But most of the best options come with ether galvanized steel or aluminum poles and connecting angles to create an entire frame.

Be careful when exploring the prices of these canvas wall tents. Some that seem like a great price are actually just because the frame is excluded. I found those companies then charge an arm and a leg for the frame along with shipping. And that’s why the top recommendations include the frame.

Another tip is to get extra heavy-duty tent stakes. These 12 Inch Heavy Duty Tent Stakes come with a T Handle tool to make it so you can drive them deep into the ground. You don’t want your canvas tent flying away.

It also helps to get Galvanized Scaffold Base Plates. You can put your frame ends into these bases for added support and durability. If you want to use it on a very hard surface or for an extended time, these are worth the cost.

Features: Doors, Windows, Screens, Floor, Waterproof

No two canvas tents are made the same. In some cases, that can even be from the same company. Some are wholly-customized orders that take weeks to create, adding to the bill with each little window or other feature.

But the other wall tents come fully packed. It’s most common to see canvas wall tents with just one door, but some have two. The best options have many windows with screens included (up to 9 on one of my favorite options), and others use triple-layer storm windows for ultimate weather protection.

The floor may be entirely absent or will be a little perimeter barrier known as a sod sheet. Others include a fully enclosed floor that provides the ultimate protection. You can even get some with a floor and a tarp to go under it for double-layer longevity, like the Kodiak Cabin Lodge Bundle.

Another thing to investigate is the waterproofing used. It can be hard to determine how much better one company is than the other since most offer some sort of waterproof material that usually treated with something. You can also get Star Brite Waterproofing Spray or Nikwax Tent Solarwash and Solarproof to increase the water resistance to any tent you have.

While we’re talking about canvas protection, you might want to get a patch kit before you need it. This TrailMax Outdoor Canvas Patch Kit can help restore your expensive purchase to like-new condition even if a branch or teenager breaks through.  

Take a close look at these features before you put in your credit card information. You can find well-priced options with many windows, screens on every opening, and a full floor. Don’t settle for one you won’t be happy with. It’s nice to check out the scenery and be able to stay away from bugs.

A view from the highest point in the park, fire lookout tower

Stove Jacks, Wood Fire Stoves, and Fire Issues

Insulated canvas wall tents are great for cold-weather camping. Whether you’re hitting high elevation in the shoulder season or toughing it out through brutal winter conditions, having a wood fire stove inside your canvas tent can make a world of difference. It also adds to the entire experience in a very special way.

Nearly all canvas wall tent options include a stove jack, which is an opening for the exhaust pipe of a wood-fire stove. It’s usually around 5” to 6” in diameter and comes with a flap to cover it from rain when not in use. You can also buy DIY stove jack openings yourself to put wherever you want it.

You should use a lot of caution with the stove and its exhaust pipe. There are plenty of stories of people burning down tents due to the exhaust pipe making contact with flammable canvas tents. A really good idea is to get this Fireproof Pipe Wrap to use on your exhaust flue. You can also make sure that the canvas flap cover doesn’t touch the stove.

Looking for a great wood burning stove for your canvas tent? The DOALBUN Outdoor Portable Wood Burning Stove is an amazing option that’s surprisingly affordable. You can also get one of the Kodiak Cabin Tent packages that include a canvas wall tent with a stove! Kodiak is one of our absolute favorite brands in the canvas tent industry.

Company Reputation

Last, but certainly not least, is the company reputation. This one is hard to figure out for some companies. I don’t necessarily always go by time in business since some companies start to get a little too stuck in their ways and fall behind competition.

But I do look for customer satisfaction and support. Even the best canvas wall tents for the money are a good chunk of change. You should have pretty high expectations and they should last a long time. And if something does go wrong, which is inevitable over the span of a company’s lifetime, there should be a solid customer support staff ready to help you figure out and implement a solution.

My top recommendations are from companies that are basically entirely dedicated to canvas tents. This specialty industry takes a special touch that isn’t easy to replicate. And thankfully, there are a good handful of companies to choose from. My top three are WhiteDuck, Kodiak, and Elk Mountain. If you get a canvas tent from any of these, chances are you’re going to get your money’s worth.

You can find cheap canvas wall tents by some companies with almost no reputation and customer feedback. I’ve gone over quite a few examples above. The fact is that you’re still going to be spending a lot of money. And these have consistently shown that they simply can’t keep up with the demands of the customers. Tears, rips, water leaks, and bad support are all common in the lower-price tents.

If you take all of these things together, you can find the best canvas wall tent for your needs.

The Beckel Canvas Wall Tent in the forest at dusk

Frequently Asked Questions: The Best Canvas Wall Tents

A fire pit near one of our favorite camping locations

Wrap Up: The Best Canvas Wall Tents

Getting one of the best canvas wall tents can transform your outdoor experience and give you a luxurious place to call home away from home. You can’t go wrong with the WhiteDuck Alpha Pro Wall Tent, one of the best on the market using a poly-canvas blend and coming from an amazing company.

You can also check out the Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tents for more great options. And if you want a canvas wall tent with a stove, head over to Kodiak Cabin Lodge Wall Tents bundles to get everything you need in one neat little package. 

Want to step up your camp comfort? Then consider getting one of the Best Camping Fridges to ditch the ice forever, or make your own!

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