Off Path Travels is an adventure travel blog featuring outdoor activities and off the beaten path destinations to help you plan your next adventure.

Do you want to…

  • explore less-visited destinations and national parks in the western US and Mexico?
  • find the best gear without hours of product comparisons?
  • know exactly what you need to pack for each destination and outdoor activity?
  • spend less time planning and more time enjoying your vacation?
  • develop the skills for you need to explore the outdoors safely and responsibly?
  • save more money for outdoor activities and trips?
  • learn about vanlife and what you need to build your own camper van?
Punta la Gringa in Baja, Mexico
Backpacking Campfire

We can help! We have…

  • in-depth travel guides to off-the-beaten-path destinations in the western US and Mexico
  • honest reviews of our favorite travel and outdoor gear
  • printable packing checklists tailored for each outdoor activity and location
  • done-for-you detailed trip itineraries that avoid tourist traps
  • outdoor activity tips for hiking, camping, snowboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and more
  • expert financial advice for saving money when planning your trip and while traveling
  • vanlife tips and camper van build essentials

How It All Began

Off Path Travels was born from our passion for helping others explore less-visited destinations and get outdoors.

We started off as Weekend Warriors based out of Colorado. Working full-time in cubicles and living for our weekend getaways. 

We spent all of our time off researching the best outdoor gear, planning the ultimate adventures, and taking road trips to backpack, snowboard, camp, hike, kayak, snowshoe, and raft throughout Colorado.

Although we had minimal vacation time, we also managed to travel together to less-visited spots, like snorkeling with wild dolphins off Hawaii’s Big Island and exploring bat caves and cenotes (fresh water sinkholes) in Mexico.

Michael and Kristina on top of Structure 1, our favorite part of Calakmul

When we got back each Monday, our coworkers wanted to know all about our weekend adventures.

“What’s the best campsite there?”

“Which hiking shoes do you use?”

“How do you pack for a multi-day backpacking trip?”

“Where in Mexico is that? I’ve only been to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun.”

We gave them all of our best outdoor tips, revealed our favorite camping spots, encouraged them to explore beyond the popular destinations, and described the ins and outs of our gear.

Kristina and Michael from Off Path Travels enjoying a beautiful mountain pass in Colorado on their road trip

We quickly realized there’s a huge need for outdoor activity and travel advice from experts you can trust to do the thorough research and planning necessary to give you in-depth travel guides, detailed packing lists, and solid adventure travel tips.

You really do want to get outside and get off the beaten path! You just need someone that’s passionate about helping you step outside your comfort zone to do it.

And that someone is us, Kristina and Michael!

We started Off Path Travels in 2018 to share our best gear advice, outdoor activities tips, and off the beaten path destination guides with the world and now we have thousands of readers each month. 

That means that each year, we’re helping hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, get out there and get off path!

Meet the Team

Kristina and Michael enjoying a snowy day snowshoeing

Hola! We’re Kristina and Michael, the adventurous married couple and travel writers behind Off Path Travels.

Wondering where we are right now? Find out by following our Instagram stories.

Want to get in touch with us? Send us a message.


Our resident expert on beach destinations, snorkeling, planning trips, social media, designing the website, and day-dreaming about scuba diving.

Kristina is beach-loving southern Californian and fluent in English and Spanish; Mexican by blood and American by birth. She loves helping travelers explore authentic Mexico and immerse themselves in its culture.

Her first trip abroad (other than to Mexico) was a month-long trip to Japan when she was 10 years old. She’s been addicted to travel ever since and has spent many a sleepless night researching new destinations and building the perfect itinerary.

Kristina has a degree in Political Science and previously worked for a series of non-profits from environmental to educational before starting Off Path Travels.

Michael in Black Canyon National Park


Mountain destinations, camping, reading topography maps, building campfires, editing posts, doing taxes, and wishing he was snowboarding are just a few of the things Michael excels at. 

He is a Colorado native with a lifelong passion for exploring the Rocky Mountains and enjoying nature responsibly. 

Whether it’s buying the right outdoor gear, getting the camper van ready for a road trip, or charting out a backpacking adventure, Michael gets the research and prep work done to make everything go smoothly. 

Michael is an ex suit-wearing financial advisor with a JD, turned man-bun-wearing van lifer with a travel blog. 


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Integrity Pledge

Off Path Travels is committed to providing no-nonsense information for our readers.

We stand behind the places and products we recommend. Our Instagram is not full of heavily manipulated photos and we will always stay real with you.

Bottom line, when you see information from Off Path Travels, you can have faith in us having your best interests at heart. Our goal is to help you!

Responsible Travel

Off Path Travels prioritizes responsible and sustainable travel.

Through avoiding exploitative products and services, and practicing Leave No Trace principles in the wilderness, we do all that we can to minimize negative impacts and maximize the benefits that come with travel. 

Together we can make this world a better place, one sustainable trip at a time.