Why You Should Get a Clam Shade Portable Gazebo

Why You Should Get a Clam Shade Portable Gazebo

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There’s nothing quite like being outside. We all love the fresh air, beautiful views, and adventures that can only be found in nature. Sometimes, however, you need protection to be outside comfortably. There are plenty of options in today’s world, but the Clam Shade Portable Gazebo is the ultimate solution.

The Clam Corp. Shade provides ideal protection from the sun, bugs, wind, and rain. All in a portable, lightweight package which sets up in less than a minute!

Not quite convinced? That’s alright. Let’s dive into the details and I’m sure you’ll see why the Clam Outdoors Shade portable shade structures are taking over the outdoor scene. And we’ll figure out which exact model and accessories are right for you.

Why Do You Want A Portable Shade Structure?

Summer is a special time of year. We venture outside to gather with friends and family. Throw parties by the water, in the mountains, or just in the backyard to enjoy it all.

But summer comes with a few dreaded things. The blazing heat of the sun. The mosquitos ready to suck you dry. And on the worst days, blue skies turn dark and the rain comes down in sheets.

That’s why you need to be ready. Be ahead of the elements and get through anything that comes your way. The Clam Shade is the tool for the job and worth every penny.

A Clam Shade being used near a campfire on a lake.

Shade: Priority Number One

Baking in the sun’s rays can be nice for a short period of time. Get warmed up before hopping in the water or just enjoy that golden glow to enhance your look.

However, staying in the sun too long is not only uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. Heat stroke and sunburns are serious threats to your immediate and long-term health. What might seem like a little discomfort now could turn into cancerous growths in the future.

That’s why having a portable shade structure is a very important part of any outdoor-lovers kit. An absolute must for the avid campers too.

But do you really have to spend a lot on a shade structure? Surely the pop-up canopies you see at Costco for $80 will do the trick, right?

Wrong! While the canopies we have known for decades are better than nothing, they simply don’t compare to the Clam Shade’s ability to protect you from the sun.

Why is that? Aren’t they both basically just a little canvas cover blocking the sun?

This difference is major. Clam Outdoors Shade Gazebos are rated in their ability to block the sun’s rays. And they provide soooo much more, all in a convenient design that you’ll actually use!

Let’s continue to see why the difference is worth the extra cost. Say goodbye to the rotting old shade you never use and say hello to a new level of outdoor comfort.

The Clam Shade design with the built-in walls, perfect for rainy days

Bugs: Stealing Your Peace of Mind

Sharks and bears might be popular movie plots, but do you know what the most dangerous animal really is? Mosquitos! They spread many diseases with ease and are responsible for more human deaths than any other animal in the world.

So if you have serious discomfort when bugs are around, just remember that your mind is trying to tell you something important! Don’t let the bugs get you!

Whether its mosquitos, other flying pests, or any sort of creepy crawly, the best way to find peace of mind outside is to have a bug-proof enclosure.

A Clam Shade portable gazebo being used on a camping trip

And that’s where the Clam Shade excels once again.

All Clam Outdoors Shade Gazebos are fully-enclosed rooms with built-in screened walls that wrap all the way around. That’s right, the shaded canopy is attached to 360-degree bug protection in all Clam Shade Gazebos!

And this screen is nothing to mess with. It is designed to protect you from the smallest bugs. Even the minuscule no-seem-ums!

It doesn’t matter if you’re battling the giant mosquitos of Minnesota’s lakes, the tiny fleas on the Pacific coast beaches, or some odd bug between, the Clam Shade will keep you safe and comfortable on your next adventure.

A wholly enclosed Clam Shade

Wind and Rain: You Don’t Have to Pack Up Anymore

Protection from the sun and bugs will keep you comfortable on most days. But inevitably, there are some days that throw the worst at you. Ones with torrential downpours and wind. Enough to make most people pack up and head home.

Well, if you have most canopy structures on the market, that’s the case. Tuck tail and run. Did you know that most canopies don’t even have taped seams?

Guess what does have taped seams? Clam Shades! The roof and walls are all made with taped seams to keep the rain out. Most Clam products also have gutter-like roof flaps to ensure you stay dry. Incredible.

Now let’s talk about the walls.

The usual pop-up canopies might have additional walls you can velcro-strap on to the metal frame. They provide a bit of additional shade, but they’re flimsy attachments which aren’t a match for rain or wind.

And this, once again, is where the Clam Shade portable gazebo out-performs every other canopy on the market. The secret is in the integrated ceiling and walls which both utilize a hub-and-spoke design.

The hub-and-spoke design that gives Clam Shades strength, even in the worst weather

Clam Shades are built with a central hub point which spoke-like extensions go out to the top corners of the walls. The spokes are driven into triple-reinforced connectors. And the walls themselves are built in the same way: a strong central hub extends to each wall corner, providing strength and rigidity.

So when you attach the solid fabric panels to each wall, you’re not just throwing velcro straps on a some giant metal frame. You’re tying into the hub-and-spoke strength that’s repeated throughout the design.

If that’s not enough, there are tie-down points all over the Clam Shade structure too. The structural support of the hub-design and the integrated tie-down points provide unparalleled strength for the whole Clam Shade, able to withstand fairly strong winds.

Are you starting to see why Clam Shade portable gazebos are taking over? Well, guess what! We haven’t even got to the best part!

The secure handles on the sides of the Clam Shades

Convenience and Speed Are Everything

Many industries have a saying that’s along the lines of “the best tool is the one you actually use.” The portable shade structure is the same way. The best shade structure is one you use! One that’s easy to carry along and quick to set up.

If you understand the importance of staying out of the sun, protected from bugs, and dry from the rain, then you have to think about what you’ll actually use. And that’s why the Clam Shade portable gazebos are truly worth every penny.

Would you believe me if I said that Clam Shades are ready to use right out of the box and can be set up in 45 seconds or less? Well, it’s true!

Not only that, but Clam Shades pack down just as quickly for storage in the included carry bag. The smaller size Clams weigh in at a measly 20 lbs., while a lot of the bigger ones are still under 40 lbs.

Is it starting to come together? These portable gazebos provide the ultimate protection against the elements in an incredibly fast and easy-to-use package.

The Clam Shade Pavilion with the walls put on

Which Clam Shade Model is Right for You?

Now that you understand why Clam Shade portable shades are so amazing, it’s time to dive into the details to see which model is best for you.

Beware that these things are HOT items right now and inventories go FAST. If you find one in stock, don’t hesitate to order it. Get ahead of the weather and have this on hand for when spring rolls around. There’s nothing worse than finding out they’re sold out just before your next adventure.

See what Clam Shades are currently in-stock by viewing the entire lineup on Amazon RIGHT HERE!

All Clam Shades are made with a water-resistant roof with taped seams, 210 denier polyoxford fabric, and no-see-um mesh screens. And they all include deluxe tent stakes, tie-down ropes, and an oversized carry bag.

The biggest differences are the size and whether or not the weather panels (fabric walls) are built-in or separately purchased add-ons. The nice thing about the add-on walls is that you can choose to get a panel or two to start off with, while you should go for the built-in models if you know you want to use 360-degree walls often.

Here are the options for the Clam Shade Portable Gazebo shade structures:

The Quick-set Clam Traveler: the smallest model

Clam Shade Quick-Set Traveler

  • 36 sq. ft.
  • 72” x 72” x 84” open
  • 53” x 7” x 7” packed
  • Weather panels sold separately
  • Brown (includes roof flaps to detour water over walls)
  • Green (does NOT include roof flaps)
The Quick-set Escape Shelter, a good size gazebo for a small family

Quick-Set Escape

  • 94 sp. ft.
  • 140” x 140” x 90” open
  • 72” x 8” x 8” packed
  • Weather panels sold separately
  • Brown or Camo (includes roof flaps to detour water over walls)
  • Green (does NOT include roof flaps)
The Large Clam Shade Escape XL with built-in walls

Quick-Set Escape XL

  • 110 sp. ft.
  • 150” x 150” x 94” open
  • 78” x 10” x 10” packed
  • Weather panels sold separately
  • Brown (includes roof flaps to detour water over walls)
The large Quick-set Clam Pavilion gazebo, great for larger parties

Quick-Set Pavilion

  • 110 sq. ft.
  • 150” x 150” x 94” open
  • 81.5” x 10.5” x 10.5” packed
  • Attached, adjustable zippered weather panels
  • Brown or Camo
The largest Clam Shade available: the two-room excurison model

Clam Shade Quick-Set Excursion

  • 188 sq. ft.
  • Dual rooms, both 140” x 140” x 90” open
  • 74” x 14” x 14” packed
  • Weather panels sold separately
  • Brown (includes roof flaps to detour water over walls)

Click here to see the entire selection of Clam Outdoors Shade products and accessories on Amazon. Did you notice the thousands of positive reviews? If you’re considering a shade structure, you have found the right one!

Similar Portable Gazebos and Shade Structures

You get what you pay for. There’s no getting around this golden rule.

But understandably, the price tag on some of the Clam Outdoors products might be a bit of a surprise. If that’s your case, I urge you to consider how useful and innovative this product really is. Pop-up shade structures have been around for a very long time, but the Clam design has completely changed the game. Talk to almost anyone who’s purchase one and they all agree: Their price tag is worth it!

Still want to see what else is out there? I don’t blame you. It’s always wise to do your full research. Or perhaps you can’t find the one you want in stock.

You can browse Amazon’s full inventory of clam-shell style shades by clicking here.

Here are some of the best alternatives:

The Gazelle Gazebo structure, Clam Shade's biggest competitor

Gazelle Tents GG601DS Outdoors Gazebo

The most comparable product to Clam Outdoors Gazebos are made by Gazelle. Their product is so close, it’s essentially identical. But so is the price. So if you’re looking for a Clam Shade alternative, this might be an excellent route. They provide sun, bug, and rain protection all in a package that sets up in under a minute. What else could you want?

View the rest of the Gazelle Gazebo line-up by clicking here. Just like Clam Outdoors, they have many options with differing sizes.

MasterCanopy makes similar gazebo structures

MasterCanopy Escape Shelter

The MasterCanopy designs are quite similar and the construction quality is reported to be solid. The biggest differences are that MasterCanopy products do NOT have taped seams (meaning the seams can leak when wet) and that MasterCanopy don’t set up as quickly or easily; you have to insert rods into the seams they fit in. At the end of the day, not a giant difference.

MasterCanopy has other designs which are more fitting for semi-permanent structures in your backyard. Perfect for a party or when portability isn’t a major concern.

The Mcombo portable gazebo

MCombo Gazebo Tent

Another alternative to Clam Outdoors, the MCombo Gazebo Tent looks quite identical from afar. But once again, there are some major downfalls. First, it is explicitly not meant to be used in the rain. And second, while the company claims it can be set up in 60-seconds, many people report that it actually takes a minimum of 10 minutes. Others had great difficulty in setting it up. So if you’re looking for a portable gazebo that doesn’t provide rain protection and might take a bit longer to set up, this may fit your needs.

The X-Gear gazebo, featuring a similar design

XGEAR 6-Sided Pop-Up Camping Gazebo

While this product is new to the market and has limited reviews, it seems to be the most similar to Clam Shade. And might be worth considering. It is supposed to be waterproof and offers the same less-than-a-minute set up that Clam Shade has. This company has a wide array of products in the fitness and outdoor industries, so it’s tough to say whether they really put the engineering behind this or if its just another semi-decent knock-off. As of right now, it is offering free returns, so you could save a bit of cash and give this a shot without risking much!

Clam Shade Portable Gazebo Summary

When it comes down to it, the Clam Outdoors Portable Gazebo is the ultimate solution to being outside comfortably.

Whether you’re heading to the park, hanging out in your backyard, or hitting the road for a real adventure, the Clam Shade is the right call. It will easily provide excellent sun protection; keep the bugs at bay; and leave you dry and comfortable, even during the worst storms. And the competition just doesn’t stack up.

If you’re waiting for a sign that you should buy a Clam Shade structure, this is it! And get it before you need it because the inventory is going fast.

Is there something you want to tell anyone who is considering a Clam Shade Gazebo? Leave a comment below to share!

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