Gazelle Gazebo Tents: Transform Your Outdoor Space

Gazelle Gazebo Tents

As avid campers, it’s hard to describe our undying love for spending time outside. Fresh air, warm sun, and getting in touch with nature is impossible to beat. But eventually, there comes a time when you need a little protection from the elements.

When the sun starts scorching your skin, flies won’t leave your food alone, or mosquitos are out looking for blood, a portable pop-up tent is a piece of camping gear that can make all the difference.

In this post, we’re focused on the Gazelle Gazebo tents, including the popular Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo, the Gazelle G6 Deluxe, and the G5 4-person gazebos. We’ll walk you through the details of each model, what we like about them, and where they could improve so you can make the best choice for your needs.

We also have an extensive post covering the 39 best camp canopy options, including Gazelle Gazebos, CLAM Quick-Set Shades, and easy pop-up shade tents, plus more.

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Gazelle Gazebo: Company Background

Gazelle Tents and Gazebos are made by Ardisam, Inc., a Wisconsin-based outdoor products supplier. Dick Ruppel founded Ardisam in 1960 in Cumberland, Wisconsin as a machine shop that produced earth augers and ice augers.

Decades later, the company has blossomed into an international outdoor products producer with more than a dozen brands under its name, including ice fishing, hunting blinds, and power equipment. 

Yet Ardisam, Inc. remains an employee-owned business that still takes care of the people who put in the hard work.

The company stands behind Gazelle Gazebo Tents with a 1-year warranty. Should anything go wrong with your pop-up camping tent, you can submit a warranty claim to the Wisconsin-based office to figure out a solution.

Gazelle Gazebo Tents: Transform Your Outdoor Space

Gazelle Gazebo Tents: The Full Picture

Here is a table summarizing the most popular Gazelle Gazebo Tent options:

ModelBest ForCapacityWhy We Like ItPrice
Gazelle G6 GazeboPortable camping gazebo at an excellent price point8 people + tableExcellent value, great sun and bug protection$$
Check Price
Gazelle G6 Deluxe GazeboLuxurious camping shade structure with integrated walls8 people + tableSuperior wind and rain protection with front awning$$$$
Check Price
Gazelle G5 5-sided TentExcellent pop-up shade gazebo for smaller groups4 people + tableMore compact and affordable option with the same features as the G6$$
Check Price
Gazelle Tents Wind PanelsAny Gazelle Gazebo without integrated wall panelsN/AHelps protect from wind and rain$
Check Price
The Gazelle G5 gazebo on a sunny day while camping.

Gazelle G6 Gazebo: A Great All-Around Option

The Gazelle G6 Tent model is the company’s most popular option, and we can see why. It hits a great price point, has space for up to 8 people, and offers excellent sun and bug protection. 

If you want an excellent portable shade structure for your next camping adventure, the Gazelle G6 is a top choice. It will let you enjoy endless hours of outdoor fun in a more comfortable setting, perfect for meal times and to escape the elements.

Check the price for the Gazelle G6 Gazebo.

Rapid Setup

We absolutely love the rapid setup and robust structure of all Gazelle portable tents. By integrating a hub design into the walls, every tent can pop up in less than 60 seconds. It might take you a little longer the first try or two, but once you understand the process it’s easy to set up in seconds.

Thanks to this design, nearly everything is integrated into the tent itself. You don’t have to route tent poles through small slots or deal with anything except for a quick pop-up, throw down the floor, and put in the stakes.

One wall on the G5 Gazelle Tent pop-up canopy for camping.

Sun and Bug Protection

Out of the box, the Gazelle G6 comes with a fabric roof and mesh walls. The roof is rated to over 50 UPF protection, ensuring you avoid the worst of the sun’s UV rays, while the walls are a tightly-woven mesh that keeps out every bug, including pesky mosquitos and even no-see-ums.

When you compare the Gazelle Gazebos to other pop-up shade structures, you can’t beat the bug protection. Since the walls are part of the design, they are entirely sealed around the entire tent, making it impossible for any bugs to get through.

The zipper on the front door is high-quality and can quickly zip up and down, so even when you want to go in and out, you can reduce the number of bugs that make their way in.

Accessory Wind Panels

If you want wind or rain protection on the walls, you’ll need to purchase them separately. Gazelle Tents sells the wall panels for a reasonable price in sets of 3, so it’s not the end of the world. Most camping gazebos in this price range follow this design.

You can quickly attach the wall panels to the tent structure with hook-and-loop straps plus built-in Velcro. On the G6 model, the walls slip under roof flaps, which helps keep water flowing off the roof from entering the structure.

The front door opening is not meant to be covered by the accessory wind panels. This is one major reason why the premium model, the G6 Deluxe, is superior for poor-weather camping.

A good look at the rain flaps that cover the Gazelle wind panels.

Waterproof Rated

The Gazelle G6 is waterproof rated, which goes beyond what many other manufacturers will do, including the popular CLAM Quick Set Gazebos that use untested water resistant materials. 

The waterproof rating of the Gazelle shell and roof fabric is 2,000 mm Hydrostatic Head (HH). This is a respectable level that means it can withstand moderate rain without letting water flow through the fabric. It doesn’t appear the seams are taped, which could lead to some leakage.

It’s hard to weather the roughest storm with a lightweight gazebo tent, so we think it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. By having any waterproof rating, Gazelle Tents go beyond most in the industry.

Master Canopy has options with taped seams, but only offers water resistant materials without specifying the Hydrostatic Head waterproof rating. CLAM Quick Set portable gazebos have the same with only water resistance, but taped seams. 

Order your Gazelle G6 Gazebo today and you’ll be one of the driest campers around, even when the weather turns south.

Gazelle G6 Gazebo Technical Specifications

ModelGazelle G6 Gazebo
Best ForAll-around camping use
Description12′ x 12′ gazebo
Setup Time60 seconds
Capacity8 people + table
Footprint Area92 sq. ft.
Wind PanelsSeparate (sets of 3 for $60)
DoorsOne zippered front
Fabric210 denier (shell) 300 denier (floor) Oxford weave polyester
Waterproof Rating2000 mm HH (moderate rain)
UV Rating50+
Weight34 pounds

Click here to buy your Gazelle G6 Gazebo.

The walls of the G6 Deluxe easily roll up and down, secured with zippers.

Gazelle G6 Deluxe Portable Camping Gazebo: The Weatherproof Solution

The base model G6 offers world-class sun and bug protection. But for those who regularly camp in windy or rainy situations, the extra expense of the G6 can be worth every penny.

While it is a little more expensive, the premium options and front door differences make it a great value.

Check the price on the Gazelle G6 Deluxe Gazebo.

Integrated Wind and Rain Protection

What makes this G6 model truly “Deluxe” is the integrated wind and rain protection. Not only can you avoid purchasing extra wind panels, the built-in design is far superior to the added wind panels of the base model.

First, they are always attached to the gazebo tent so you don’t have to hunt them down when the rain starts to pour down. When not in use, the side panels roll up and store out of the way, so you can still use the gazebo with mesh walls during nice weather.

Then when it starts getting windy or rainy, you quickly roll down the panels and zipper them into place. The zippered design is much more stable than the strap and Velcro attachment of the base G6 model. It is quicker and easier, but more importantly, provides better wind and rain protection.

Gazelle Gazebo Tents: Transform Your Outdoor Space

Front Door Awning

Another reason the extra price of the Gazelle G6 Deluxe is worth it is for the added front door protection. On the base model G6, it’s nearly impossible to get any extra rain or wind protection. It isn’t even designed to have the wind panel go over it because it seals off the door.

The G6 Deluxe has a built-in door cover that can provide a nice seal during the worst storms. It also helps seal up the unit for better protection without visibility inside when you need to step away from the campsite. It’s additional security and peace of mind.

Additionally, you can prop up the front door’s cover on the G6 Deluxe. It creates a small covered awning area right in front of the gazebo. This is a great place to take off muddy boots on the poor-weather days.

Extra Rear Door

Another major difference in the G6 Deluxe camping shade structure is the rear door entry. One of the mesh panels has a D-shaped zipper in it. Although it’s not a full-size door, it has many uses.

We like to use it as a quick door for loading the inside of the tent or for sending out food and drinks from inside the tent to someone outside. With up to 8 people inside, it beats forcing everyone to use one door for all needs.

The massive interior shaded space of the G6 Deluxe pop-up canopy for camping.

Is the Extra Cost Worth It?

We will say that the difference in price between the G6 and G6 Deluxe seems a little extreme at first. Even if you purchase two sets of the wind panels for the base model, you’ll typically still spend much less than the G6 Deluxe.

It makes sense to spend the extra money on the G6 Deluxe in two situations:

  1. If you want additional security protection to leave belongings inside of the Gazelle Pop-Up Tent when you’re not around, the Deluxe provides 100% coverage that the base G6 doesn’t because of the lack of front-door coverage on the G6.
  2. If you regularly deal with windy or rainy days, the G6 Deluxe is a far superior choice. The integrated panels have a better seal and won’t come off in wind, plus the front door is sealed from the elements and doubles as an awning.

Want to prepare for the worst summer storms? Add a couple cans of spray-on waterproofer and seam tape to boost wet-weather performance.

You also might want to review the CLAM Quick-Set options. The CLAM Quick-Set Pavilion is remarkably similar to the Gazelle G6 Deluxe.

But you can’t go wrong with the incredible Gazelle G6 Deluxe Gazebo.

Gazelle G6 Deluxe Specifications

ModelGazelle G6 Deluxe
Best ForCamping in wind and rain
Description12′ x 12′ gazebo with walls
Setup Time60 seconds
Capacity8 people + table
Footprint Area92 sq. ft.
Wind PanelsIntegrated, can use front as awning
DoorsFront zippered and rear D-shaped entry
Fabric210 denier (shell) 300 denier (floor) Oxford weave polyester
Waterproof Rating2000 mm HH (moderate rain)
UV Rating50+
Weight48 pounds

Buy your Gazelle G6 Deluxe Gazebo right away so it’s ready for your next adventure.

Gazelle Tents G5 with mesh walls on grass

Gazelle G5 5-Sided Tent: Perfect for Parties of Four

The Gazelle G6 camping tents hold up to 8 people, so if your camping group is smaller, then they can be overkill. Instead, the Gazelle GG500GR pop-up tent is the better fit for groups up to 4 people and a table.

It is still remarkably tall at 85”, but has a slightly smaller footprint of 60 sq. ft. instead of the G6’s 92 sq. ft.

Otherwise, it’s nearly identical to the other base G6 model. It has the option to purchase additional wind panels for extra wind and rain protection, has a front door with a vertical zipper for easy entry and exit, and comes with 2,000 mm HH waterproof rating.

Check the price of the G5 5-Sided Gazebo.

Some Models Lack Roof Flaps

There is one major difference between this smaller Gazelle outdoor tent and the larger G6. Certain Gazelle 5-sided gazebo models do not come with roof flaps that go over the wind panels. This means that during storms, water won’t run off the top as easily and might run down the inside of the wall panels.

Because of this, you’ll need to carefully select the exact model you buy and inspect the photos. Based on the current inventory, the green colored model has the flaps but the beige one does not.

You can also view the CLAM Quick-Set Traveler instead. It’s a similar offering, and oddly enough, it has the same issue: some of the Quick-Set Traveler colors have the roof flaps but some don’t. Carefully review the photos before buying.

The Gazelle G5 storage bag for camping

Lightweight and Compact

Another major difference is that this is over 10 pounds lighter than the G6 model. The 4-person version weighs in at just 23.5 pounds, while the base G6 is 34 pounds. The G6 Deluxe weighs a considerable 48 pounds, showing just how robust those side walls really are.

It also does better for storage. This model squeezes that down to 63” for easy storage and transportation, one of the shortest in the portable gazebo segment.

See more details about the GG500GR 5-Sided Gazebo.

Gazelle GG500GR 4-Person Tent Specifications

ModelGazelle GG500GR 4 Person 5 Sided
Best ForShade and protection for up to 4 people
Description~9′ x 10′ gazebo
Setup Time45 seconds
Capacity4 people + table
Footprint Area60 sq. ft.
Width115″ x 106″
Wind PanelsSeparate (sets of 3 for $60)
DoorsOne zippered front
Fabric210 denier (shell) 300 denier (floor) Oxford weave polyester
Waterproof Rating2000 mm HH (moderate rain)
UV Rating50+
Weight23.5 pounds

Buy your Gazelle G5 5-Sided Gazebo to enjoy your next camping trip in a bug-free shaded spot.

The wind panels held down with Velcro and hooks.

Gazelle Tents Wind Panels

Unless you get the Gazelle G6 Deluxe, any Gazelle pop-up gazebo will need to have these additional wind panels. They come in packages of three and are a must-have addition.

These can quickly attach to the Gazelle G6 portable gazebo for camping and the Gazelle 4-person pop-up tent. They have straps to ensure they stay in place, plus a lot of Velcro to keep the seams nice and tight.

Check the price of Gazelle Tents Wind Panels.

ModelGazelle Tents, 3-Pack Gazebo Wind Panels
Best ForExtra component for Gazelle gazebo tents
DescriptionWind panels for Gazelle gazebo tents
Setup Time60 seconds
DoorsNot available
Fabric210 denier Oxford weave polyester
Waterproof Rating2000 mm HH (moderate rain)
UV Rating50+
Weight3 pounds
One wall on the G5 Gazelle Tent pop-up canopy for camping.

Gazelle Gazebo Tents: Wrap Up

If you want to get an excellent camping pop-up shade structure, the Gazelle G6 portable gazebo is a great solution. It provides top-tier sun and bug protection for up to 8 people and a table. Add on the wind panels to add a barrier to protect against wind and rain.

For a more complete experience, the Gazelle G6 Deluxe gives you everything the G6 model has, but with integrated wind panels with tightly sealed zippered seams. The front panel can also be used as an awning structure, adding more shaded space.

If you have a smaller camping group, the Gazelle G5 5-Sided Tent is great for up to 4 people. It is very similar to the G6, with the same fabric and waterproof rating. However, it lacks roof flaps to go over the wind panels, making it slightly less ideal in wet weather.

To see what other brands have to offer, we recommend heading over to the CLAM Quick-Set Portable Gazebo post for a full rundown. While Gazelle is a great brand, many people see CLAM Quick Set as the gold standard in the industry.

You can also read our 39 best camp canopy options, which includes both Gazelle and CLAM products.

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  1. Michael,
    Thanks for the article. Great writeup. I have read a few other places that the gazebo can be quite warm in hot weather due to the small screen size opening to avoid noseeums. Others say to just bring a fan and it’s not a big deal. Do you have any experience with this? Also, there is one more model you didn’t discuss in your article, the G6 Cool Top version. It seems like it might be better in warmer weather, but takes longer to setup because it looks like the fly on top is separate. We plan to use the gazebo from Southern California to Washington state and will see all kinds of weather, from hot to cold. Do you have a recommendation on deluxe vs cool top?


    1. Michael Bradley

      Hi Derek, The screens can block wind flow, so that is a valid concern. But if bugs aren’t an issue, you can always pop open the doors to help with that too. It’s a bit of a give or take with getting bug protection and shade vs. open air flow. If you really want to create an incredibly cold camping tent, then you might want to check out our posts on the best camping tents with AC ports, portable camping air conditioners, and how to power a portable air conditioner. But that is a sizable investment.

      The Cool Top version might work well as it prioritizes wind flow and bug protection. I’m not a huge fan of the separate roof attachment as it creates another failure point, and not having shade from the roof would be a very serious issue for many people. But if you are most concerned about wind flow and don’t mind dealing with the hassle of a separate roof, then it might work for you. It’s very similar to the Deluxe.

      Happy camping!

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