Zipline Durango Colorado: Touring Through the Trees

Zipline Durango Colorado: Touring Through the Trees

Strap in tight for this adrenaline-filled fun for the whole family. The best ziplines in Durango Colorado combine the majestic beauty of the San Juan Mountains with gravity-defying feats. You’ll get your heart pumping and feel alive while enjoying fun in the sun.

Whether you stick with the thrill-seeking experts at Durango Adventures and Zipline Tours or go with the exclusive and extravagant Durango zipline tours at Soaring Tree Top Adventures, you’re sure to make a lifelong memory.

I’m an adventure-addicted Coloradan passionate about sharing the best this wonderful state has to offer. And I’ve carefully examined the zipline tours in Durango to share this guide. After reading this, you’ll be able to book your zipline Durango tour with confidence.

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A sunset while zipline Durango Colorado

The Best Zipline in Durango Colorado

Here’s the summary of the best options to hop on a zipline near Durango:

Best OverallDurango Adventures And Zipline Tours12 ziplines, convenient location, superb service with fun guides, nearly 20 years of zipline experience$$Check Price
Most LuxuriousSoaring Tree Top Adventures27 ziplines, remote private property, all-day excursion with train ride and gourmet meal, true VIP service$$$$$Check Price
Most AmenitiesTico Time Adventure Tours and Zipline2 ziplines, Tarzan swing, paddleboarding, waterslides, disc golf course, tent and RV camping$Check Price
Ziplining in Durango Adventures

Durango Adventures And Zipline Tours

With nearly twenty years of zipline experience, this outfit has what it takes to ensure every guest has a great time without fail. We like Durango Adventures and Zipline Tours so much, we can confidently say it’s the best choice for most people for ziplining near Durango.

Durango Adventures and Zipline Tours offers:

  • 12 sky-high ziplines spread over a mountainside covered in ponderosa pine trees
  • Expert ACCT-certified guides who know how to balance safety with fun
  • An excellent price point and convenient location near downtown Durango

Ready to see the available packages and prices? Check out Durango Adventures on Viator for the best price and cancellation policy.

The Zipline Tour Experience

Once you drive a mile west from Durango on US-160, you’ll arrive at the parking lot where the fun begins. The friendly staff will check you in before your group and two guides head out the door for a brief 15-minute hike to the top of the ziplines.

Once strapped in tight, the certified guides will start you one-by-one down the 12 ziplines that carefully cut through the massive ponderosa pine tree forest. You’ll soar through the air and feel the wind on your face surrounded by stunning Colorado beauty.

Unlike some ziplines where you have to slow yourself down, the Durango Adventures system lets the guides handle the braking for you. They’ll make sure you get maximum fun and safety. The other thing you need to worry about is having a great time.

Over the next three hours, you’ll zip from platform to platform, experiencing different styles and lengths of ziplines, before arriving at the giant 40-foot tower.

From there, it’s your choice to perform an exhilarating free fall off the tower or take the last zipline to the rooftop patio on the Durango Adventures cabin. Either way, you’re certain to end this zipline tour with a big smile on your face.

The platforms at Durango Adventures Zipline Tours

History, Experience, and Customer Satisfaction

Outdoor enthusiast Stefan Van der Steen started Denver Adventures zipline tours in 2005. After many successful years running one of Denver’s most successful zipline operations, he expanded west in 2018 and the Durango Adventures and Zipline Tours was born.

When you want a company that knows how to make sure every guest has a good time, Durango Adventures and Zipline Tours is a surefire bet. Both locations earn top ratings and downright incredible customer satisfaction.

Nearly every single review is a full 5-star with rave reviews for the course, the gear, and the guides. This zipline tour near Durango knows how to hit it out of the park.

This is the most popular zipline tour provider in Durango. Even other tour agencies focused on rafting and Jeep adventures sell Durango Adventures ziplining.

And if you’re looking for Full Blast Adventure Center, it has actually turned into Durango Adventures. You’re already in the right spot!

Things To Know Before Booking

This zipline adventure near Durango is a family-friendly excursion, available for all ages from 5 to 95 years old. And they run the ziplines year-round, so you can enjoy it in the heart of summer or with snow blanketing the ground, just don’t forget your winter gear.

But there are a couple of things to know.

To get to the top of this zipline course, you have to hike. While the guides are accommodating and can take it slow, you need to be capable of hiking uphill for about 15 minutes.

Also, the zipline system is designed with a strict weight limit of 230 lbs maximum. Since this is a safety issue, Durango Adventures simply can’t allow those who weigh more than 230 lbs to ride the ziplines in Durango.

Finally, the only downside to this convenient location is that it’s not located in an extremely remote area. It is still a beautiful location in the heart of the San Juan Mountains filled with the giant ponderosa pines Colorado is known for. 

But if you want to head out deep into the wilderness away from it all, you’ll prefer the Soaring Tree Top Adventures tour, which we’ll discuss below. Just be ready to dig deeper into your wallet.

The tall tower at Durango Adventures Zipline Tours

Durango Adventures Zipline Tour Options

Durango Adventures’ best zipline tour near Durango is the full 12-zipline course that’s spread out over 3 hours. But they also offer a shorter 6-zipline course if you’d like to cut it down to about 2 hours and save some cash.

Either way, you’ll be guided by Durango Adventures’ experts who not only keep things safe, but they also know how to have a great time and create a memorable experience.

Since the full 12-line course is still only half-day and barely more expensive than the 6-line course, we recommend going for the full show. Viator ensures you get the best price for this zipline tour near Durango.

Zipline Durango Tour Details and Information

Overall, Durango Adventures zipline tour is exactly what most people are looking for with a zipline adventure. It’s fun, exciting, and outdoor fun for the whole family.

It’s also nice because it only takes about 3 hours, so you can stack on other Durango activities like a visit to Mesa Verde National Park once your tour is done.

Check the prices and availability now.

Ziplines:12 total with an option to do only 6
Age:5 and up
Weight:230 lbs. maximum
Fitness level:Must complete a 15-minute hike to the top of the zipline course
Location:About 1.5 miles west of Durango off US-160
Cancellation Policy:Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance if booked through Viator
Features:Well-respected outfit with multiple locations, extensive zipline course with a fun ending, convenient location near Durango, excellent price point

Make your reservation through Viator now to get the lowest price guarantee and unbeatable trip cancellation protection in case anything comes up.

You can also book a shorter 6-line course, but it’s nearly the same price and only about 1 hour shorter, so we recommend the 12-line course as the better value. 

A zipline near the Durango to Silverton railroad train at Soaring Tree Top Adventures

Zipline Durango Colorado at Soaring Tree Top Adventures

If you’re looking for a premium zipline in Durango full of truly breathtaking views, an electrifying course, and luxury services, Soaring Tree Top Adventures is where to turn.

Located in an area only accessible by train, Soaring Zipline near Durango Colorado pushes the limits of what a tour can be. Knowledgeable guides don’t merely send you down one of the most extensive and oldest ziplines in the United States, they also teach you about the area and ensure your every wish is fulfilled as they go.

You’ll be treated with a jaw-dropping train ride to a 180-acre private property where you’ll enjoy a four-course gourmet lunch in the middle of your 5-hour zipline experience.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience made to please those who expect to get nothing but the best. The only downside is that the price reflects it, but this well-rounded day is worth every penny.

Check the prices and availability for the Soaring Tree Top Adventures Zipline Durango Tours on Viator for the best price and superior purchase protection.

Exclusively Train-Accessible Property

This action-packed adventure starts with a train ride in Soaring’s luxury train cars on the iconic Narrow Gauge Route between Durango and Silverton. You’ll ride alongside the snaking Animas River heading deep into the San Juan National Forest in one of Colorado’s most scenic areas.

If you’re not familiar with this route, it’s a National Historic Landmark that is well worth your time. 

The property is located about halfway between Durango and Silverton. You can choose between hopping on in Durango for a 2-hour train ride or meeting in Rockwood for a 40-minute ride through the best parts. No matter which you choose, you’ll have a new Durango zipline train memory.

Zipling near Durango at Soaring Tree Top Adventures near the Animas River

Soaring Tree Top Adventures Zipline Tour Experience

Once you get dropped off the zipline Durango train at their 180-acre property, you’ll be greeted with a massive old-growth ponderosa pine tree forest. Their plot of land is truly only accessible via this train, so you’ll be spending time in an incredibly scenic and remote area near Durango.

When you’re ready to hit the ziplines, the Sky Rangers will guide you through the extensive 27 lines. You’ll also meet their Eco Rangers who share Soaring Tree Top Adventures’ commitment to sustainability and preservation of the rare old-growth forest.

The Durango zipline Soaring Tree Top course is packed with unique gems like two 600-foot ziplines running parallel to race against one another. You’ll also be lifted 100 feet off the ground by a tree-mounted helicopter hoist generally used for swift-water rescue, and later you’ll use an auto-belay system to get back to the ground.

This zipline tour near Durango features two unique systems that make for a worry-free experience.

  • A patented formula allows you to leave one tree and arrive at the next without having to slow down.
  • Another patented system provides elevated platforms without penetrating or harming the trees in any way.

As you run through the 27 lines, you’ll soar through the air in one of the most beautiful areas in Colorado.

The ziplines range from 56 feet up to a whopping 1,400 feet long, one of the longest ziplines in Colorado. The nearly quarter-mile-long zipline ride pushes you close to 40 mph during a nearly full minute-long ride. A 420-foot-long line is known as Aspen Alley with a lush aspen grove on either side.

The high platforms at Soaring Tree Top Adventures Ziplining near Durango

Curated Luxury Experience With a Gourmet Meal

With an extensive background in high-end hospitality, the owners behind Soaring Tree Top Adventures are passionate about accommodating their guests’ every wish and desire. You can be certain that no matter what your request is, they’ll go out of their way to make it happen.

If you want to enjoy the day with a group solely composed of you and your friends or loved ones, they offer VIP Private Tours for up to 20 guests to take things to the next level.

No matter what you choose, about halfway through this Durango zipline Soaring Tree Top 5.5-hour adventure, you’ll enjoy a four-course gourmet lunch on a platform overlooking the Animas River.

The meal can be catered to meet any dietary restrictions, including vegan and vegetarian options, as well as accommodate any allergies. It is a true VIP experience made to deliver your every wish.

Once you’re done on the mountain, you’ll hop back on the train to head back to town, holding onto a cherished new memory from Soaring Zipline in Durango, Colorado.

All-Day Guided Zipline Tour with Train Ride: The Details

The only tour available is an all-day experience that features the train ride to and from their remote location, the entire zipline tour, and the gourmet lunch. This is a three-in-one experience in one of the most majestic surroundings possible.

Ziplines:27 lines spanning 56 to 1,400 feet
Age:4 and up
Weight:50 lbs minimum, 265 lbs maximum
Fitness level:Must be able to walk, climb stairs, and hike uphill
Location:180 acres of remote private property between Durango and Silverton only accessible by train
Cancellation Policy:Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance (through Viator only)
Features:Premium experience with a full day of adventures, scenic train ride, and four-course gourmet lunch served in a spectacular setting

Make your reservations now through Viator with the lowest price guarantee and excellent cancellation policy protection. 

The zipline and towers at the Tico Time Resort near Durango, Colorado

Tico Time Adventure Tours and Zipline

If you drive 30 minutes south of Durango, you’ll find another zipline tour near Durango at Tico Time Resort. This is a much different experience compared to the other top options, but it’s great for those who want a little ziplining mixed in with other adventure-focused activities.

Tico Time Resort’s zipline package includes two lines that span across a calm section of the Animas River. One zipline is elevated 60 feet off the ground and accessible via a climbing wall or stairs. And there’s a 40-foot Tarzan swing for you to bellow out into the wilderness.

Both lines provide a lot of fun, but still a relatively short experience.

Tico Time Resort also throws in a Day Pass to access their other amenities:

  • Three ponds with complimentary paddleboards
  • 130-foot waterslide and two waterslide jumps 
  • Beach volleyball
  • 18-hole disc golf course
  • A mile of relaxing Animas River access with sand beaches
  • Available tent and RV camping

The resort hosts music festivals as well, which have been steadily growing in popularity since the resort opened.

See more about Tico Time Resort Zipline tour here.

Tico Time Resort RV camping area

Ziplines, Adventure Tower, & Tico Time Day Pass

The main zipline tour offered by Tico Time includes their adventure tower with a sky-swing and a day pass to use the rest of the resort facilities.

After carefully reviewing the experience, it’s best only for those who want to enjoy most of the offerings available. If you only want a zipline adventure, Durango Adventures and Soaring Tree Top Zipline courses blow this one out of the water.

But for those looking for a more laid-back adventure day with water activities and the ability to camp nearby, then this can be a solid choice. It would be a little more desirable if it was located in the heart of the San Juan National Forest, but it still seems to be a fairly scenic and enjoyable experience.

Other great options for camping in Colorado are Black Canyon National Park camping and camping near the Great Sand Dunes. There are plenty of other options for where to stay near the Great Sand Dunes if camping isn’t your thing.

Tico Time Zipline Tour Details

Ziplines:2 ziplines going over the Animas River with one 60 feet off the ground
Fitness level:Climb stairs about 5.5 stories (60 feet) high to use one zipline
Location:RV park resort 30 minutes south of Durango in Aztec, New Mexico
Cancellation Policy:Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance (through Viator only)
Features:Ponds with paddleboards, disc golf course, waterslides with jumps, tent and RV camping, Tarzan swing

Get the best price on this Zipline Durango at Tico Time Resort here.

A view from a nice campsite in Colorado

Other Groups – Outsourced Durango Adventures

We’ve seen two other Durango zipline adventure tours offered by Mild2Wild and Colorado Outback Adventures. But after inspecting the details, these are actually using Durango Adventure’s 12-line course located just west of Durango.

We recommend booking Durango Adventures activities through Viator rather than going through these partners. You’ll get the best price guarantee and excellent trip cancellation protection, rather than booking with a separate outfit that focuses on other outdoor activities and just so happens to offer reservations for a different company’s for zipline in Durango.

There used to be a zipline tour in Purgatory, just a little north of Durango, known as Purgatory Plunge Zipline. It featured two ziplines running side by side that went directly over the center of the village and reached speeds of up to 35 mph.

But it appears that course closed for COVID and never reopened since the Purgatory website has zero information about it and all reviews are from 2019 and before. It wasn’t anywhere near as epic as the other zipline Durango options anyway.

And if you’re looking for the Full Blast Adventure Center, it looks like that has transformed into the Durango Adventures Zipline Tours. Even though it still has a Facebook page, you should contact Durango Adventures to actually get on a zipline Durango tour.

Zipline Durango Colorado Tours: What To Look For

Speed through giant ponderosa pines, over winding rivers, and down giant mountains. Zipline tours in Durango are some of the biggest and best around.

But to make sure you get the most out of your money and time, it’s important to know what to look for with Durango zipline tours.

You also might want to know the best road trips through Colorado to make the most of your visit.

The Bottom Line: Price and Value

We work hard to recommend tours that are worth every penny. And thankfully, all the zipline tours near Durango we list here provide excellent value. But they’re also vastly different experiences spread across a range of prices.

When you want to go big and get the most out of your Durango zipline adventure experience, Soaring Tree Top Adventures is what you need to go with. The price is significantly higher than the other options, but the tour is much more than a basic zipline tour.

This premium price of Soaring Adventures Colorado packs a punch with VIP railroad transportation to an exclusive piece of property tucked deep in the San Juan Mountains. And it’s the most `extensive zipline course with 27 lines and a four-course meal.

But spending that kind of dough isn’t always what meets your needs.

Instead, you can turn to the experts at Durango Adventures to keep things exciting but at a more reasonable price level. You’ll get up to 12 ziplines of fun that are still tucked in a scenic ponderosa pine forest, guided by a group of friendly expert guides.

Is Durango Adventures worth the money? Absolutely. Their level of customer satisfaction is seriously impressive. The reviews for this zipline tour are spectacular across every platform. It’s a world-class zipline experience that only takes up half your day and is pretty light on your wallet.

But to keep the price lower while still enjoying ziplining and water activities, head down to Tico Time Resort. While it’s only two ziplines, the included Day Pass provides access to disc golf, paddleboarding, and a 130-foot waterslide with jumps. You can also tent and RV camp onsite.

A beautiful view overlooking the San Juan Mountains and ponderosa pine trees near Durango Colorado

Number of Ziplines

Not all ziplines are made the same. And when it comes to the best Durango zipline tours, there are options with just two lines, up to an extensive network of 27 lines.

As expected, the premium Soaring Tree Tops has a 27-line course, including a whopping 1,400-foot line that takes nearly a minute to complete. There’s no doubt that your every zipline desire is fulfilled if you go with them.

Durango Adventures has 12 ziplines in their course, and you can also choose a 6-line course that saves your time and money for other adventures.

Tico Time has just two ziplines, both spanning across the Animas River, but comes with other fun features to make a full-day adventure that makes the 30-minute drive south worthwhile.

Safety and Course Design for Durango Zipline Adventures

Whenever you look for adrenaline, it’s important to verify your safety is covered. While most zipline courses are fairly low-risk, it’s still worth knowing what’s going on.

Durango Adventures goes above the rest by having its course inspected and guides certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). This is an accredited standards developer for the global challenge course, aerial adventure park, canopy tour, and zip line industry.

The ziplines at Durango Adventures do require braking, but the guides do it for you. Other systems can rely on rider braking, which increases the risk. The bottom line, this zipline course is serious about safety.

As expected, Soaring Tree Top Adventures also goes to great lengths to ensure your safety. This premium experience starts with an extremely-well designed course that features a patented technique to get every rider from platform to platform without the need for braking.

On top of that, every one of Soaring zipline guides, called Sky Rangers, is trained in First Aid and CPR, and many also have First Responder certification. They go through an extensive training program to get all guests through the course without an issue.

Tico Time Resort has every rider go through a 15-minute safety briefing before hopping on their two ziplines. It’s hard to find more details about staff training, but since this experience is much less intensive, this is somewhat understandable. Still, I’d like to see more transparency about the staff training, so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you go this route.

The Durango to Silverton train

FAQs About the Best Ziplines in Durango Colorado

Wrap-Up: Zipline Durango Colorado

When you’re ready to fly through the best Durango zipline tours, you have three main options to choose from.

  1. Durango Adventures offers an excellent 12-zipline course in a convenient location near Durango and is a great choice for most people.
  2. Soaring Tree Top Adventures provides a truly remarkable experience with 27 ziplines tucked in a secluded piece of private property deep in one of Colorado’s most scenic areas, with a four-course gourmet lunch.
  3. Tico Time Resort has two ziplines, paddleboarding, waterslide, disc golf course, and the ability to stay overnight tent or RV camping.

No matter what you choose, you’re sure to enjoy your zipline Durango experience. And once you’re done there, book your Durango Jeep tour for more scenic adventures.

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