35 Unique Travel Gifts for 2022

unique gifts for travel

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best and most unique travel gifts out there! Any of the items on this gift guide will make your co-workers, friends, or family very happy travelers.

Although, some more than others. I mean, of course, I’d rather get a new GoPro than an eye mask. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?!

We’ve included items at various price levels, so you’re sure to find something for everyone – and maybe even a little treat for yourself! Everything on this list is either something we own and love, or something we’ve researched extensively and really, really want! 

Also, you should know that this post contains affiliate links. Which means that we may receive compensation on some purchases (at no extra cost to you). This helps us keep this site up and running. Thank you in advance for supporting our work! 

Push Pin Globe

push pin globe

This ivory world globe comes personalized with the recipient’s name in the legend and includes push pins, string to mark routes, and tiny flags for labelling. Most importantly, it’s beautiful and it’s possibly my favorite item on this list.

Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

travel scarf with hidden zipper pocket

This infinity scarf with hidden zipper pocket is the perfect spot to keep your passport and phone handy while rushing through the airport or store your money so you can leave the purse behind while walking around town. These scarves come in all different colors, styles, and fabrics and are a great accessory to have while traveling. 


1,000 Places to See Before you Die

We love this bestselling travel book! It’s great for travel inspiration and for checking off the places you’ve already explored.

Travel Money Belt

money travel belt

This travel money belt is so much cooler than those skin-colored ones that you “hide” under your shirt and only make your stomach look lumpy. It’s an actual belt with a hidden zippered pocket that can store folded up bills.



REI Gift Card

REI Gift Cards: Give the Gift of the Outdoors

Did you know that REI sells tons of top-notch travel gear? This REI gift card is the perfect gift for even the pickiest of friends.

Travel Laundry Bag

travel laundry bag

How cute is this travel-sized laundry bag with a world map printed on it? The perfect gift for the practical world traveler in your life.

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

An excellent coffee table book with 225 of the world’s most amazing places and beautiful photography by National Geographic.


Scratch-Off Map of the World

This gold foil scratch-off map of the world is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to hang a fun conversation piece on their wall and keep track of their travels. It also comes in different colors and some have fun stickers, too.


Carry-on Cocktail Kit

A great gift for the traveler that likes to indulge on those long flights or at the hotel minibar. Each carry-on cocktail kit comes in a fancy tin and includes a recipe card and travel-sized tools to create two cocktails with the liquor of your choice (alcohol not included). Cocktail flavors include hot toddy, margarita, gin & tonic, moscow mule, old fashioned, and bloody mary.




RFID Blocking Travel Wallet for Passport, Boarding Pass, and Phone

This trifold travel wallet pretty much does it all and comes in over 20 colors. It stores your passport, boarding pass, cards, cash, coins, pen, AND cellphone. It also protects your personal information with RFID blocking material.




GoPro HERO8 Camera

The newest GoPro has three levels of stabilization, four digital lenses (narrow, distortion-free linear, wide, and superview), 4k video, and is waterproof up to 33 feet. The perfect gift to become someone’s favorite person.




Inflatable Neck Pillow

I love traveling with my inflatable neck pillow! It helps me sleep on planes, trains, and buses, and it deflates to take up a minimum amount of space in my bag. If space isn’t much of an issue, try the Trtl Pillow. It’s more of a wrap with a head rest, but it’s supposed to be amazing (while still compact).




Travel Candle

This coconut vanilla soy travel candle is a lovely portable gift! You can use it to relax after a long day of exploring new destinations.




Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses

These are the glasses that I wear daily and adore: Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer (polarized). Every traveler needs these in their life. Compact design, timeless style, and incredible lenses combine to make an unsurpassed pair of sunglasses that you’ll never leave at home.




Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are something every traveler can and should use. Picking a unique color out of the countless options is a good way to help identify your luggage from afar and avoid the awkwardness of picking up someone else’s bag.




Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The Bose QuietComfort are the gold standard noise-cancelling headphones on the market. Another gift for quickly becoming someone’s favorite person.



Travel Journal

A travel journal with inspirational quotes on it. What better way to inspire the travel-obsessed person in your life to write down their thoughts and dreams?



Microfiber Beach Towel

Basically a miracle for people like me: beach lovers that travel. This microfiber beach towel packs down small, dries 3 times faster than a cotton towel, comes in cute colors, AND sand doesn’t stick to it.



Travel Yoga and Pilates Mat

For the yogi that likes to keep fit while on the road, this folding travel yoga mat is an excellent solution. 



Darn Tough Wool Socks

Wool socks are the absolute best socks for traveling anywhere, and Darn Tough is an incredible brand we stand behind without question. They keep your feet dry, are naturally antimicrobial, and are great in warm or cold climates. Don’t forget to get a pair for yourself too!



RFID Blocking Passport Holder

This stylish world map RFID Blocking Passport Holder also holds your ID, credit card, and SIM cards.



Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof

I love reading on my Kindle Paperwhite. (Thank you, Michael!) We highly recommend splurging for the WiFi + Cellular Connectivity model; the one-time cost for cellular service (no subscription required) allows you to download books pretty much anywhere in the world you can find a cell signal. It has a built-in light for reading at night and can easily be used in direct sunlight. And this newest version is even waterproof!



Travel Jewelry Organizer

jewelry travel bag

A travel jewelry organizer is great for storing earrings, rings, and necklaces when traveling. You don’t know how much you need one of these in your life until you spend an hour trying to untangle your necklaces when you should be sipping a glass of wine watching the sunset.




Packable Hammock

This packable hammock for two was a life-saver for our trip to Hawaii. We hung it up on pretty much every beach we went to. We also take it camping and backpacking. It’s a great gift for any adventure traveler or camper.



Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

We like to bring along a bluetooth speaker whenever we can to play music while on the beach or at our Airbnb. This one is super small and waterproof!



Compression Socks

Compression socks increase the blood flow in your lower legs and reduce the risk of blood clots and feet swelling on long flights. These come in cute designs for men and women.



Waterproof Phone & Money Bag

This waterproof pouch is essential for beach vacations. You can keep your valuables (phone, cash and cards) safe and dry while out in the water swimming or snorkeling.



Hydrating Face Mist

A hydrating face mist does wonders for your skin on long flights. This travel sized (2 ounce) one by First Aid Beauty is my favorite.



Power Bank

Power banks are a traveler’s dream come true. This one by Anker is super compact, easy to throw in a purse or backpack, and has enough juice to charge your iPhone almost 2 times. We have a much larger one that charges both of our phones, GoPro, and Kindles.


Packing List Notepad

packing list

Every packing procrastinator’s dream gift! This packing list notepad includes all the basics from clothing to toiletries to important documents and will help you get packed and out the door in no time.

Travel Surge Protector

Electrical surges can happen when you’re on vacation, too. This small, swiveling travel surge protector is ideal for travelers that want to protect their valuable electronics.


All-in-One Water Purification Bottle

water purification bottle for travel

The Grayl Geopress is the best water bottle purifier on the market. It’s an all-in-one purification system for travelers and outdoors adventurers.


Mini Flashlight

It’s always best to bring along a small flashlight or headlamp when traveling. You’ll need it when walking down areas with poor lighting or during the occasional power outage in some countries. Yes, most smartphones have a light on them, but you don’t want to waste your battery or use your $$$ device when walking down an unlit street.



Packing Cubes

Packing cubes keep your clothes organized both in and out of your luggage while traveling. They help you compress more clothing into your luggage, and you can just place the cubes in drawers when you arrive at your hotel or Airbnb. They’re also great for gym clothes or day-trips near home.



Travel Adapter Block

This travel adapter block is one cube that works in over 150 countries and charges 4 devices at a time. Gone are the days of those cumbersome pouches with 5 different adapters. Yay!



Lens Kit for Smartphones

A lens kit for smartphone is great for the light traveler that doesn’t want to pack a camera, but still wants to take professional-looking photographs.



Silk Eye Mask

This super-cute silk eye mask has glow in the the dark stars on it. It also comes in plain black or navy.




A sarong is another must-have multi-use item for any trip to the beach. I use mine as a beach coverup, dress, skirt, towel, beach blanket, sun protection, rain cover, and more. You can also tie it up like a bag to hold all your stuff while walking to or from the beach. Also great for keeping warm on plane rides.



Packable Hat

This packable straw Panama hat means that you don’t have to choose between wear your hat on the plane or arriving at your destination with a completely crumbled hat and pray it reshapes. A well-made Panama hat is a gift that’ll last forever.



Packable Day Bag

A packable day bag is a great gift for light packers. It folds up into a tiny bag that you can stuff into your carry-on. It unfolds into a water-resistant backpack, complete with side pockets and zippered inner security pocket.

There you have it! Our list of unique travel gifts for your frequent traveler friends and family.

Do you have any favorite gifts for the travelers in your life? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list!

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