11 Top Restaurants in Placencia, Belize

11 Top Restaurants in Placencia, Belize

Looking for a good place to eat or drink at a restaurant in Placencia, Belize? Then you’re in the right spot! We did a lot of research beforehand, then personally scoured the area for the best places to stay and eat during our wonderful wedding trip to Placencia. Who says you can’t combine work with pleasure?!

We searched high and low for the best upscale dining, cheap eats, and a bit of everything between, including the best places to grab a beer and enjoy the sunset. And we were blown away with how many great options there are!

So here you go: the 11 top restaurants in Placencia, Belize!

A view of the sidewalk near hotels in Placencia

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Kristina in the Caribbean near Moho Caye

Best Restaurants in Placencia, Belize

1. Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro

This is our favorite spot in the entire area: Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro. It is a small 4-star resort with a lovely staff, a nice beach, comfortable pool, and most of all, excellent restaurant. We ate here for our wedding dinner, as well as two other meals. The chef puts together a creative menu with incredible specials.

Plus, as of early 2019, you can use the pool if you’re eating at the restaurant. The chairs are given to hotel guests as a priority, but they were not all used when we went during peak season. It is located about 8 miles (13 km) north of the village.

.Some of the tables at the Maya Beach Hotel Bistro in the northern part of the Placencia Peninsula

Michael and Kristina at Maya Beach Hotel Bistro near Placencia

A lovely seafood dish at Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro on the Placencia Peninsula in BelizeA shrimp dish at Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro

The interior dining area and wine cellar at Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro

Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro menu starters and appetizers

Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro drinks menu page 1Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro drinks menu page 2

2. The Secret Garden

This is hands down the best restaurant inside of Placencia village according to us: The Secret Garden. The ambiance is excellent: an outdoor oasis tucked away off the street in a hidden corner – hence the name. The service was superb and the food did not disappoint anyone at the table.

The Secret Garden's seating area in Placencia, Belize

The Secret Garden's appetizer menu

The Secret Garden's entree menu page 2

The Secret Garden's entree menu page 1

3. Rumfish y Vino

A lot of people like this restaurant: Rumfish y Vino. But, we personally preferred the food and service at Secret Garden and Maya Beach Bistro. Maybe they just had an off night, so I’ve decided to include it due to its reputation and let you decide for yourself.

Rumfish y Vino's seating area on the patio in this Placencia restaurant

RUmfish y Vino's food menuRumfish y Vino's drink menu

4. The Shak Beach Cafe

This small beachside restaurant near the municipal pier left everyone full and happy: The Shak Beach Cafe. They have a good selection of food and drinks, including fairly decent Mexican-style margaritas and quesadillas. It is right next to our favorite beach, making it a great place for lunch while having fun in the sun. Tons of smoothie options too!

The sign for The Shak restaurant in Placencia

A veggie burger served at The Shak

One of the quesodillas served at The Shak, a small restaurant near the municipal pier

The first page of the menu at The Shak

The Shak's menu in Placencia, Belize

5. Cha Chi’s Pizza

With a central village location and open-air environment, Cha Chi’s is a good stop during the day where you can grab a slice and go (or hang out). You can come back for evening service on the second-floor balcony. Everyone at our table enjoyed the pizza, plus they have some decent wine on the menu, which is not that easy to find in Belize without paying an arm and a leg.

The exterior of Cha Chi's restaurant in Placencia

The interior of Cha Chi's restaurant in Placencia, Belize

Cha Chi's pizza by the slice menu in Placencia

Cha Chi's food menu

Cha Chi's drink menu

6. Carmen’s Kitchen

Carmen’s Kitchen is part of a group of shack-sized restaurants and food stands right across from the gas station and ferry dock in the village. You simply MUST come here to try an authentic stuffed fry jack.

They are a Belizean breakfast specialty of fried dough, cheese, and whatever filling you want. They’re filling, tasty, and cheap! The perfect meal if you’re backpacking around Belize on a budget.

The salbutes and garnaches are similar to those found up north in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Both are similar to a lightly fried tostada (flat tortilla fried and topped with your choice of beans or meat). There are also a couple of fruit stands here that make amazing smoothies. A great way to start the day!

The exterior of Carmen's Kitchen Placencia restaurant

A sign with Carmen's Kitchen menu

A fruit stand near Carmen's Kitchen in Placencia, Belize

7. Omar’s Creole Grub

A family-owned restaurant that’s been around since 1992, Omar’s Creole Grub is the place to go for fresh Belizean seafood specialities like coconut curry conch, traditional creole crab, and seafood tacos.

The sign for Omar's Creole Grub, a restaurant in Placencia, Belize

Omar's Creole Grub's menu for the specials

8) Tuttifrutti Gelateria

Those with a sweet tooth will be happy to know that you can find authentic Italian gelato in Placencia, Belize at Tuttifrutti Gelateria. We couldn’t believe the quality and flavor of their gelato. What a treat after a long day on the beach!

The beautiful Moho Caye in Belize

Best Places to Grab a Drink or Coffee

9. J-Byrd’s Bar

J-Byrd’s Bar is located right next to the municipal pier. It has darts, pool tables, and a great little patio looking out over the water. The drinks were well priced and not at all light on the alcohol like some other tourist-centered spots. And the owner has a smile that will light up the room. He’s a great guy that we were always happy to see.

Inside of J-Byrd's Bar in Placencia, Belize

The exterior of J-Byrd's Bar in Placencia

The dart boards inside of J-Byrd's Bar in Placencia, Belize

The pool table in J-Byrd's Bar

10. Buba Wuba’s Grill & Smoke Shack

Okay, I almost feel bad for putting this one on here because it’s so cool. This is our hidden gem, a spot that usually is reserved for the people who live in Placencia.

Buba Wuba’s Grill and Smoke Shack has great people, lovely setting on a small canal with nice boats around, some live music at times, good WiFi, solid happy hour, and decent food. It is just a bar on the water, but it was our absolute favorite sunset location. A short walk north of the main village area.

The sunset at Buba Wuba Grill in Placencia, Belize

11. Tipsy Strip (Tipsy Tuna / Barefoot Bar / Cozy Corner)

All three of these restaurants in Placencia are located on the sidewalk area, right in essentially the same spot known as Tipsy Strip. To be honest, these were the most touristy restaurants in all of Placencia, but you can’t beat the beachfront location.

A sign for the Tipsy Strip, a group of bars and restaurants on the sidewalk in Placencia, Belize

Tipsy Tuna was our favorite of the three for food and live music during the day.

Tipsy Tuna restaurant in Placencia, Belize

The menu for Tipsy Tuna's appetizers at the restaurant in Placencia

The menu for Tipsy Tuna's food at the Placencia restaurant

Barefoot Bar seemed to have the most going on at night, including live music. It has a horseshoe pit (make sure you come through the door here, not around the building – saw plenty of visitor almost get whacked by flying horseshoes).

The interior of Barefoot Bar

Barefood Bar food menu page 1

Barefood Bar food menu page 2

Barefood Bar food menu page 3

Barefoot Bar cocktail menu page 1

Barefoot Bar cocktail menu page 2

Cozy Corner had a lot of hammocks and areas to hang out during the day.

More Restaurants and Bars in Placencia

A few other places to eat and drink in Placencia, Belize that you might want to consider:

De’ Tatch: Breakfast-centered restaurant under a large palapa near Tipsy Strip.

Breezeway Restaurant & Pool Bar: Oceanfront restaurant serving Belizean and international cuisine located in the Mariposa Belize Beach Resort.

Sidewinder Subs: A sandwich shop in the village.

Pickled Parrot: A popular Placencia restaurant and bar with a happy hour in the village area. People say their daily specials are a great value, but they weren’t offering the special when we stopped by on two different occassions.

The Pickeled Parrot's sign in Placencia, Belize

The interior of the Pickled Parrot, a restaurant in the Placencia Village

Wallen’s Hardware: Wallen’s has the cheapest case of local Belikin Beer (or Stout) around for all of the budget-conscious beer lovers out there.

Ming’s Supermarket and Placencia Supermarket: Two small stores which are essentially a grocery store and drug store combination. Ming’s is the largest in the southern part of Placencia. They have beer, wine, spirits, and oh yeah, some food too. Find one of the many fruit stands along the main road for fresh fruit and produce.

The sign for Wallen's Market and Hardware, a great place to pick up a case of beer

Final Thoughts on the Top Restaurants in Placencia, Belize

There you go! You’re all set with the best restaurants in Placencia, Belize. Grab a bite or grab a drink and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of one of our favorite places in the world.

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Would you rather hang out with the tourists at Tipsy Tuna or does a cocktail at J-Byrd’s or Buba Wuba’s sound better? Leave us a comment to let us know of your preference!

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Looking for the best restaurants in Placencia, Belize? This list of the 11 top restaurants, plus a few bonus ones, will keep your tummy satisfied with some of the best eats around town, including upscale restaurants and roadside food stalls, and plenty between.

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